Clever investor scam. Clever Investor, Cody Sperber REVIEW: Clever Investor dedicated to % customer satisfaction using VIP Concierge personnel for one-one-one attention. Clever Investor's main focus is providing students with best investment education.

Clever investor scam

Houston Texas Man Wholesales His First House With The Help From Cody Sperber

Clever investor scam. Clever Investor, Cody Sperber REVIEW: Clever Investor dedicated to % customer satisfaction using VIP Concierge personnel for one-one-one attention. Clever Investor's main focus is providing students with best investment education.

Clever investor scam

Real estate investing is a risky business, which is why Clever Investor claims to be one of the largest, most moral resources on the Internet for investors and enthusiasts alike. However, founder Cody Sperber also claims that there is a science to successful real estate investing, which is where his self-proclaimed award-winning real estate investment training and support come in. As such, there are five primary sections to the Clever Investor website:.

Despite this, their refund policy claims that all of their products come with a day, no risk, money back guarantee. Should you spend your hard-earned money on Clever Investor products? First, although Clever Investor appears to have a primarily positive online reputation, the most common complaints we encountered cited:.

Finally, similar to many other real estate and stock investment sites, several of the intro videos on the Clever Investor website seem to be more about tugging on your emotions e. In order to gauge how helpful Clever Investor will be for you, you may want to thoroughly read through the free Education section of their site. If you find the information there useful, only at that point might you want to spring for something more costly.

Enter your email below to get started! Clever Investor has given me the tools and the confidence I needed to begin investing in real estate full time. Everyone over at Clever has been extremely supportive, from the tech guys setting up all my systems to the real estate experts that have ALWAYS made themselves available to me. These experts have literally walked me through deals in real time. What I find amazing about Clever is that it is more than just a real estate education program, it is a community of students, mentors, and staff where the culture is to help each other.

Just being part of the community has allowed me to expand my business and make more money. I am doing deals with people I met through Clever in markets I never had access to before. Within three weeks of attending my first Clever event I was able to get my first real estate deal closed and two others right behind it. I have not looked back since! I continue to work on deals with people in the community and look forward to many more in the future.

I credit a lot of my successes as a real estate investor to the Clever Family always having my back, and for that I can't thank them enough! Do you have an account? Log In before commenting. I purchased a couple of products from Clever Investor over the years. Every time I have, it has had actionable training that helped me in my real estate investing business to make more money and do things more efficiently. The customer support is top notch if you need help, and their tech support team helped set up my websites for me technology is not my strength.

I haven't met Cody personally, but you can tell from the training videos, the team of Mentors, and his entire staff that he truly cares about his students. I would probably still be stuck working a job if it wasn't for Cody Sperber and Clever Investor. They're the real deal. I would really like to give a great review on the material and education from Clever Investor, because all in all the material they give you is very good and well thought out. I have purchased the Fast Track system and I would say I have learned a ton, with videos to make the learning more entertaining.

The reason this review is only one star is because Clever Investor has failed me on the support side. As I was looking into mentoring with Clever, I had scheduled an appointment with one of their business service members and he failed to contact me, and never called for the appointment.

I messaged support and Leif Meyerson called me, said this was unprofessional and that it would never happen again. He said he was going to work with me personally and that he could always be reached by email.

Now after countless attempts and multiple phone calls and emails, I'm back to where I started. Clever Investor let me down, and I feel that you should all know the almost two months of trying to get into contact with Leif, I could have been investing my time and money into something else.

No, I would not recommend this to a friend. I find it interesting, while I have seen replies to other posts from Cody or his representatives there is not one here, and this one seems honest and legit.

I am considering this program as well but I am hoping to find mentoring and support locally. Cody came across this review and wanted to give me the opportunity to comment personally since Mr. Rusak mentioned me by name. First, I would like to say I take our students success very seriously. Having said that this review caught me completely off guard. I rarely deal one-on-one with our students so I clearly remember Mr.

Rusak submitted an application for mentoring with us back in May. He had never purchased any of our training and was not a current student. He had simply found us online and requested information. Those of you that have worked with us, and are familiar with our mentoring program, know it is not an easy program to be accepted into.

You must to go through a very thorough interview process. We do this to ensure we only work with a student that is a perfect fit. This is not a program for everyone. Rusak started the interview process he did not click with one of my Business Development Consultants. At this time my consultant approached me about his conversation and I immediately reached out to Mr. And just to be clear, money was not the issue as I am sure some of you are assuming.

While speaking with Mr. Rusak I came to the conclusion that he was a great person that just needed to believe he was getting the right help. At that point I gifted him our entire Fast Track training course. I want to make that crystal clear, he did not purchase the Fast Track, as he claims in his review.

I then let him know how to go about getting through the training. I also told him once he completed my instructions to reach back out to me directly.

A few weeks had gone by and I had a very serious family emergency. I was distraught to say the least. During this time Justin did email me stating he was ready to move forward. Even though I was going through the scariest moment of my life I still responded letting him know the situation and apologized for the inconvenience. I was out of the office for several weeks spending time with my family. We are so blessed that my now 6 month old son is doing amazing and is in perfect health.

When I returned to the office I saw that Mr. Rusak had been calling my office line. I reached out to him as soon as I possibly could and explained that at this time I could not personally work with him due to the catch up I was playing after being out for an extended period of time. I then offered to have my Senior Business Development Consultant continue working with him and complete a game-plan. Again we have done all of this and never charged Mr. The last I heard from my consultant he completed the game-plan with Mr.

Rusak and gave him a clear path to get his investment business going. All that said I can understand how frustrating it can be for someone who is just starting out in real estate to find the right team to trust and follow. I truly hope Mr. Rusak is on the right path and is finding the success he wants. I am very proud of the support we give our students on every level and I hope this response sheds some light on the reality of the situation.

All I want to know is how can get my money back like he stated several times. I need the website or customer service ASAP, please. I have brought into the Clever Investor system, and even though don't like the website that was designed for me in my personal opinion it sucks , however, my website does get buyers, but no sellers. It integrates well with the Podio, which is the only Customer Relationship Management that it work. The fact is I hate Podio.

You will never get a hold of anyone in his office that is an actual real estate investor. You will get a customer service group of people who has no idea what you are talking about. I have been a real estate investor for almost four months, and I have never gotten any help with any deals from any member of his team. So I did it anyways, and guess what? I have been a real estate investor off and on to one degree or the other for years and a licensed real estate agent.

I have purchased and studied over these years numerous real estate training and even "mentoring" programs and I can sincerely say that this was by far the very best!

It actually took you from beginning to end and clearing up things I had always been confused about even from my agent training. What impressed me was that they DID NOT strategically hold back information or leave you with confusions, like the others, so that they could continuously solve such with an upsell program. They laid it out easier and better than anybody ever has and left me feeling like I could actually do it and now I am!

I am interested in the other levels because they did such a good job on the first levels and lessons to others. Greg, your feedback was very helpful. I started to invest back in and obtained many rentals over the years.

The crash of caused financial pressures resulting in major losses. However, I'm interested in getting back into the game. I would like to connect with you and have future discussions, so I sent you a LinkedIn invite. I'm sure some of you think I'm crazy. Maybe you're right, well I decided to invest in education instead of blind marketing campaigns.


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