Forex tro. Well, what I saw, was essentially a forum that had been constructed around one man, TRO and his method called Drain the Banks. He sets his trading style (and those who follow him), to the same mentality that a Rat puts on display in an experimental arrangement, where the Rat is given rewards for  As simple as possible: 00 level trading - Page

Forex tro

3 Level ZZ Semafor and SSL Forex Trading Strategy

Forex tro. thank you so much for this wonderful dashboard. How can I buy you a cup of coffee? I live in Australia. Could you kindly explain the various input featues for the MA? Also I read any external indicator can be added. I am no programmer unfortunately. How can the megatrend indicator be added instead of MA  TRO DONATIONAL INDICATORS - Page

Forex tro

Was it due to flaming? From what I have seen - it was he who instigated the condescension and insults attacking TRO. We the general reading audience are not stupid. We do not need our information censored for us. We can make our own descisions. I warned TRO to stop posting huge images on Tymen's thread. Furthermore, he has been a nuisance to some users in the forums. The constant verbal attacks never stopped. Tymen's thread became a war ground.

Finally, we made a decision to ban him. For some of you who don't know the whole story and who are biased, TRO had a bad start. He posted external links before he had 50 posts which resulted in multiple warnings and a potential ban.

When he did get privileges to post links, he overdid it. It always seems like he had links in every single post. As far as bringing him back- we will not. He has caused too many problems in the forum community. He may have been an inspiration to some, but he has made so much disturbance. Can't you just prevent the posting of images within the text I mean that's what seemed to annoy people the most Such a simple solution, but And speaking of images, if I may register a complaint about pics, only getting x is not easy on the eyes and it would be great if that was increased.

Thanks for the reply. I've always read this forum but never registered because I won't be coming back though. I'll be over Kreslik where it's safe. No thread belongs to one person. There is a thread starter. Not a thread owner. I think people are thinking a thread for discussion is there personal space. I seen a dialogue between people nothing more now as to asking can someones post be removed not for spam, but because you dont like what they have to say is defeating the meaning of discussion.

Who started it is not important but there were people to keep it going. Sometimes discussions are fierce but doesnt mean they arent relevant. If its Tymens thread make it private. Thats rights its for open discussion for people to discuss and debate. Not a personal friends only club. It's sometimes also called a 'board' or 'forums'. It may contain several categories, consisting of forums, threads and individual posts.

I wonder where this is from. After a couple of rounds on my thread, I gave him a taste of his own medicine on his thread. He didn't like it. I did it to prove a point. What is wrong with links? This IS the internet. If someone is disturbed they can choose to ignore me. Posting lies, misstating facts, name calling, etc.. Tymen is at fault just as much as I am. Had Tymen not attacked me and my methods, this would NOT have happened. Even after Pipcrawler issued a warning Tymen continued.

But it looks like BabyPips turned a blind eye to that. If all were fair and even then Tymen should have been banned immediately for his post after the warning and not me. Their egos are bruised and they probably feels stupid so they take it out on me.

I was seeing "red" and I forgot about that. I have been a member for a long time of this wonderful site. It is my bible and I am NOT a religious man, trust me. What I am getting at is that it seems we have nothing better to do these days then to fight with each other and make life more complicated then it is already. Why not pickup the phone and talk this stuff out? Why to inject poison into this wonderful site? I kindly ask you to post smaller images, which you didnt try to do.

You also jeer me thru PM when I said "you can have the thread I wont post there anymore". I dont agree with the banning of anyone from posting here, but you must have regards for your fellow posters. I heard before this ban that you were banned from all other forex forums, this seems to be the trend, I wonder why: Lets get back to trading.

If at anytime you post rudely, inconsiderately, dismissively etc you go against the general ethos of BP which is about traders helping each other. I have given you the benefit of the doubt. I believed all you wanted to do was help even as you tried to post links to your IB business and after it was known that you accept "donations" for unreleased indicators. I didn't judge, I just asked that you remove your links which was deemed as spam and keep your side businesses off our site.

You fought me for a while on the links, but you eventually agreed. During this period, you bombarded every single thread, with links in all of your posts in the signature leading back to your thread. Because of the abuse of the signature by you and others, I had it removed.

Then you still put up links at the bottom of your posts to go back to your threads. Could you make your intentions any more obvious? And it's obvious that your intent is promote your indicators for "donation" and Introducing Broker business. You can argue against it, but we've been on the net for while. We've seen a lot and we know better. It just went on for so long because I gave you the benefit of the doubt. That's my fault and I apologize to the community because ever since you've been on this forum, regardless of how many people you may have helped, the bad has outweighed the good as you've fought us, disrupted the forums with arguments and bombarded threads with your oversize font and images again clear promotion techniques which ruins my beautiful site and the hard work of my designers!

The final straw was multiple accusations of threats to other users. And now I have to edit a statement I made on an earlier post. The internet is free and open And that extent is when you abuse and take advantage of the liberties given to you. And it's clear by your behavior that you were trying to take advantage of the years of hard work the BabyPips. This is unacceptable to us and you, Avery TheRumpleOne and any other usernames you may use , are no longer welcome to BabyPips.

Any attempts to sign up as other usernames will be quickly deleted and banned. I know many may disagree with this decision, but the decision stands. We are a private company and we will run it as we see fit for the betterment of our site and our community members. That is your opninion where is the proof. Tymen started in TRO's topic.

You are blind if you didn't see it. Get Tymen banned too. I posted many times on babypips that you don't need my indicators. I tried to drive that point home. I tried to get people to SEE this. I didn't even know what an IB was. It was their way of thanking me for bringing them customers.

What's the harm in that? I pointed out that others were using their signatures to promote. So if they can do it, then anyone should be able to, including me. But for some reason when I do it, then it's time to remove the signature.

Today, I found a blatant violation and I exposed it.


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