Free nifty positional trading system. It's A Open Challenge!!! INTRADAY OR POSITIONAL WHICH GIVES % HIGHEST ACCURACY Special For Nifty/Bank Nifty /Gold/Silver & Crude oil intraday & positional trader!!! Do You Know The Secrets Of 11 & 21 Magical figure For NIFTY? STAY FOCUSED ONLY FOR 15 MINUTES IN A DAY FOR HANDSOME.

Free nifty positional trading system

Nifty Bank Nifty Swing Trading Strategy Using Free Web Based Platform in India

Free nifty positional trading system. Money99 EMA Positional Trading system for Nifty Spot. The results from January to August Stock Name - Nifty spot; Time frame - Daily; Trade size - Share; Average Annual Return: % p.a.; Maximum Draw-down: % p.a.; Win Percentage: % p.a.; Amount of Trades: 78; Ending Capital: Rs.

Free nifty positional trading system

Why Positional Trading System Only? These investors are more concerned for the return for a period of say 1 year to 5 years. This Trading system is back tested in historical data and designed in such a way, that the Positional Investor do not have to see day to day activities in the Stock Market.

The System is not based on predictions. Generally Analyst's recommendations are an output of some kind of prediction, as to where the market would move in the near term. Predictions are based on some assumptions and can go wrong and it also involved emotional factor. Thereby the system follow a Trend and keep "Insuring Your Profits".

All trade calls are generated in Positional Trading System and any Technical Analyst's emotional feelings are not involved. Positional Futur e Call Services. Live Global Market Index. Live Global Commodities Index. Mails u s at: Live Chat on Yahoo id: Create a Free Website. Nifty is more liquid than any stock with high volumes.

Nifty is comprised of 50 stocks, hence diversified and carries lower risk. Nifty futures require low investment. This Positional system is suitable for investors who do not want to participate in day to day Intraday battles.

The Investor need to follow all signals generated in the system and you have to trade as and when the signal comes. The Investor need to trade all the calls irrespective of the performance of the first trades suppose your first 2 trades are loss trade and you decided not to take the 3rd out of losing more and ultimately you witnessed the 3rd trade to emerge as a huge Profit. Trade in all our trading calls so that you can make average profit in case if you make loss in any of our call.

Do not close your positions per-maturely as we will give you entry and exit calls whenever the system signals arise. Only one position will be opened at a time. Being a positional Trading System, no Free Trials will be available for this service. Always Opt for Low Brokerage house for maximum gains. No Greed, No Fear, stress-free, self-disciplined trading. Conserve your capital first, it is more important than Profits. Market is not going any where, there will be plenty of opportunities.

Limited trade calls for maximum profits system. Important Disclaimer click for view.


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