Fx bridge options. FX Bridge Technologies Corp. provides software solutions for companies participating in the foreign exchange marketplace. It offers ProTrader Plus, a platform that offers real-time spot, CFD, and options trading in the same account for dealer, broker, and traders worldwide. The company products include Strategy Optimizer.

Fx bridge options

FX's The Bridge

Fx bridge options. Contact FX Bridge to learn about ProTrader PlusT the only white-label platform offering true multi-bank liquidity and cross-asset margin trading for Forex, CFDs and Options from one account.

Fx bridge options

Option Calculator proving in-depth analysis of option Greeks and pricing over a range of days to expiration and underlyer. Trader can enter simulated option position and execute all from one tool.

Margin Calculator providing margin display for multiple leg strategies including long and short spot and options positions. Trader can enter simulated trading strategies and then execute all from one tool.

Risk Manager providing Total Position Awareness of individual and group portfolios. Trader can analyze portfolio under changing conditions of date, volatility, and underlyer. Strategy Optimizer providing analysis of over 16 single and multiple leg trading strategies. Allows user to enter market assumptions, analyze top 10 ROR strategies and execute all from one tool. Allows broker, dealer, or introducing broker to request complex analysis reports and have them become available quickly with performance optimized execution for daily, monthly or on-demand reporting.

ProTrader Plus provides a powerful set of risk management applications. Web Widgets are the collection of utilities and tools to enhance your website. Each of the widgets can be pasted into a frame or section of your website and it works automatically.

Additionally, your web designer can modify the style sheets to brand each of the tools as needed. While other vendors stop at a center volatility surface for any 24 hour within a day, only FX Bridge normalizes the data to provide both volatility surfaces and option premium grids across 20 ITM to 40 OTM vanilla option strikes.

Both on the run and off the run data sets gives analysts and traders the most. FX Bridge has the experience with scores of customer implementations. No other vendor offers such platform customization with so little effort from your IT department. Bridge Trader Back-Office provides all client management, risk management, and treasury management. This dedicated group of professionals endeavors to be the premier provider of online FX execution technology to dealers and liquidity providers in the global capital markets.

He has more than 25 years of experience in financial products and services, including as a proprietary options trader and private equity Forex options dealer. He brings technology and marketing experience from Digital Equipment Corp. Jeff Hedlund is Chief Technology Officer. He joined FX Bridge in While receiving his B.

As an entrepreneur he owned Matrix, Inc. Later he served on the management team at Elsym Consulting, Inc. Our Board of Directors brings with it a wide range of experience and knowledge.

To satisfy this duty, the directors take a proactive, focused approach to their positions and set standards to ensure success. He formerly served as chief executive of FX Bridge and its predecessor company from its inception in until June Cunningham has more than 25 years of experience in securities and commodities financial products and services, including as a proprietary options trader and private equity Forex options dealer. He has more than ten years of venture capital experience.

In addition, in , he became the interim CEO of a portfolio company, stabilizing operations and securing a merger that allowed the investors to see a positive return on investment.

Prior to starting TTV Capital, Gardiner worked for Shoptaw-James where he originated permanent financing from lenders for commercial and office real estate developers, including life insurance companies, banks and mortgage backed securities firms. Gardiner earned a B. Johnson joined TTV as a partner in He is the former vice chairman of CheckFree. His responsibilities included overseeing mergers and acquisitions, evaluating strategic growth opportunities for the company, developing strategic corporate relationships and supporting long-term business strategies.

He was also a member of the CheckFree board of directors. Mark first joined CheckFree in as vice president of operations.

In , he left his position as vice chairman of corporate development and marketing to form e-RM Ventures, a private investing consultancy focused on early stage payments-related companies. He continued to work with CheckFree executive management on strategic issues through his board of director position, and returned to CheckFree as vice chairman in February Mark holds an undergraduate degree from Miami University and an M.

Mark serves on the board of Bill. Farid Naib is most recently founder and Chief Executive Officer of Document Depository Corporation, a high-security document management technology provider for multi-national banks and corporations. Under his leadership, FNX grew to become the leading provider of financial derivative instruments technology to over of the largest banks worldwide.

FNX repeatedly earned top honors in the Inc. Farid was one of the founding investors in Gain Capital and sat on its board of directors for eight years. He is currently a member of the Management Department at the Wharton School of Business, where he teaches Entrepreneurship. Visit Website for Full Details.


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