Is wish com a scam. They play on the fact as the money spent is too less the consumer might just forget or get tired after trying for 2–3 times. Their contact support is useless. PLEASE DON'T BUY FROM THIS SITE. IT'S A HUGE SCAM. P.S. I have even attached a screenshot of the same where the order status is the same for past 8 months.

Is wish com a scam

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Is wish com a scam. That's a multi-million dollar domain name. Scammers could not afford to have a domain name like that, and if they did have it, they would not use it for scamming and risk having it taken away. Do you understand that domain names are like real estate? There's tons of companies that would love to have a.

Is wish com a scam

I ask for a refund and denial my request saying that they delivered it on September, I ask and ask for my refund since and they said that I the days for request a refund has expired. So they took my money and there are not a phone number for speak to someone, dont buy anything from them, because you could end losing your money.

They ripped of my Etsy store and stole my photos and listing word for word. And what you get it a total rip off version. Apparently this is common. I wish I could warn people on the site but they won't put my review up. The second time my order hasnt arrived. It takes 3 months for orders to arrive in South Africa.

They do not respond to my query. Really not worth shopping at Wish. This site should come with a warning. This site would not survive in the UK once Trading Standards were informed of their malpractice.

Needs thoroughly investigating asap. I ordered 4 items of which I only received 1. The item I received looks nothing like the pic and terrible quality, clearly made in China. Online shopping sites like this give others a really bad name. And the photos and descriptions don't really tell you what the fabric is like - I was disappointed with everything besides it not fitting.

With skirts and pants I would have had to order at least a 4XL for them to fit and everything doesn't come that large. The footwear I ordered was ok though.

And their strange return policy - you have to send a photo of the item out of the package??? What is that all about? I just hate this name because it pops up with ever freakin' add on my phone. I blocked it and still comes up. This name is like a virus on my phone: Hope you guys move your HQ on one of Saturn's moons and never hear from you again.

Three separate orders have now been lost in shipping The refund process was fairly easy but I ordered the product because I wanted the product NOT a refund. A fourth item came and was of substandard quality so after providing a picture I was given an immediate refund days. I understand the items ship from China, but this is just ridiculous. The last one just did not arrive at all, yet the site claimed it had been delivered.

After 3 days they refunded me, thank god. Now, one item I did get was a case for my iphone 5s. I have been contacting support once a week for 4 weeks now trying to get a refund.

Make sure you get your items shipped to someone with a gated yard. M company Original ,Equipment ,Manufacturer of every product they are advertising , they can t used the same part as they use for their customer like Nike ,Apple , Samsung etc etc, but they are allowed to used inferior product to sell to other company with a different logo on it. So in the end i think that wish is a group buying website that buy their product from o.

The website Wish is registered under the company name MarkMonitor, Inc. MarkMonitor is the global leader in online brand protection. You can look up the info on whois. I wish people would realize that shipping is so slow because it comes from China.

It is just like a aliexpress or a born pretty store. That is why your items come wicked slow. My issue is the things they advertise on FB. I got an advertisement in my news feed from them and it was an ad for what looked like cocaine and a straw to snort it with. That was not cool or ok at all. Very poor quality of everything they sell. You'll find better quality even in a dollar store for just a buck instead of spending quite a few bucks here on shipping.

Once you get your item and complain about it, they don't even reply to you. The jackets I bought are so poor that I can't even donate those. I bought a painting which it claimed will be on canvas. Extremely slow shipping too makes it even worse.

I ordered my item Nov 21, and it still won't be here before Christmas! Hopefully it will get here earlier than expected. I'll stick with Amazon from now on. They charge you a crap ton for shipping cost, and select the cheapest method of shipping your product. After it's shipped it's to late. I had to change my address on my package, emailed ups and was told they couldn't change my address because they didn't have the authorization Some people won't receive their package at all at this point. I have ordered quite a few items in the past from Wish and had no problems with my delivery to South Africa, Today I received three items and had to pay Customs Duty of R I think you might want to inform clients of this.

I have never paid for my other items. It was most annoying. But right now, Wish is having an issue with their payment system, so all these people who are complaining from several days ago to today - just await till they fix the bug. I ordered 4 items - money got debited from my card, but it didnt send the order.

So probably they are having an issue. Please stay away from Wish. They took my money and I didnt receive my items. I like wish because you can find awesome deals. Things are very cheap. Usually shipping is also. The only problems are that the sizes are a lot different than what we are used to. I discovered that you have to order 1 to 2 sizes bigger.

Also sometimes it shows you one price but after you add it to your cart it's a different price. All in all I like to order from here.

As long as its about a month in advance. I ordered a set of 5 flashlites and got one and that only took 6 weeks. It had no battery of which I expected as battires are a problem to ship. The only problem is I can't find a battery to fit in it. It somewhere between a double A and C. Still waiting for another on some speakers Not sure if I will get them or not.

I can't see this company staying in business very long as no repeat buyers will go back. Oh yeah and not to mention their reviews are fake. And you can't even click too see more reviews beyond the generic good reviews that are on every product. They all say the same brief thing with five stars. Why can't I expand to see all reviews, huh? It's Chinese run so be wary to say the least.

Yes, delete the app from your device. They will send you stuff you looked at! Turns out everything I looked at, they billed me for and shipped.

Very cheap knock off merchandise. I placed an order for about 70 items on a single order, out of those 70 I have received 9 items. And yes it has been about 7 wks. And if you go through their site it's all in Chinese. I found all of the same items on EBay from same companies and tried them out and guess, I got a USA tracking number, and my item arrived in 2 wks.!

Augg, you get what you pay for. If you can avoid ordering with Wish, just don't do it. The fabric is NEVEr what is shown in the pictures. I tried Rosegal too, just as bad. I found more bad seller's than good.


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