Magpul moe stock sling options. What I am looking for is an answer to the hole on the Magpul MOE Stock (pic below at red arrow). I have heard that it is for paracord. My question is is there something that fits that hole where I could mount a sling swivel mount in the same orientation as a bolt action stock? Typically that sling is mounted for.

Magpul moe stock sling options


Magpul moe stock sling options. Does anyone have a Magpul MOE stock with a sling attachment/adapter? I am trying to find one, bought a Midwest Industries M4 QD sling adapter and it didn't fit. I don't really want to run a sling through the slot, would rather have a mount point and clip the sling onto it. Will be a two point setup with a rail.

Magpul moe stock sling options

Discussion in ' Rifle Country ' started by frgood , Aug 7, Log in or Sign up. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Sep 24, Messages: While I have seen several discussions, I have not seen a direct answer. The 'why' is unimportant. I have heard that it is for paracord. My question is is there something that fits that hole where I could mount a sling swivel mount in the same orientation as a bolt action stock?

Typically that sling is mounted for over the shoulder carry when hunting. If not, I will consider drilling and inserting a swivel mount. Mar 25, Messages: You could maybe drill a pilot hole just ahead of the toe, into the angled flat, and install something like this.

You'd have to use your best judgement as to whether or not you have enough material for it to bite. Inebriated , Aug 7, I'm thinking the post is the only way to go. I just wanted to check since cutting into the stock is a bit of a last resort. The fixed stock is an idea, however I'm going to stick with an adjustable to maintain some sort of 'tactical' look.

Dec 16, Messages: Maybe this would help Artofgolf , Aug 7, Feb 5, Messages: How about a pair of small grenade rings and an Uncle Mikes sling swivel?

Cheap and available everywhere. The other thought is a small D-ring, check the hardware store. Third suggestion, why not paracord? Two short lengths tied in square knots with a finishing knot properly oriented for your swivel. Skylerbone , Aug 8, Jun 19, Messages: I think this'll do ya: SuperNaut , Aug 8, Aug 17, Messages: Hooking a sling here is the most uncomfortable, impractical location you can use. I know because I've done it. MistWolf , Aug 8, I want to thank all for the responses.

This is why this is such an excellent forum. I think I will bore a sling swivel mount into the stock. The stock is not wide enough for a QD mount. I will post a pic after I set this up this weekend. Jan 23, Messages: I just ran a piece of strap with a QD buckle into the last slot, just fwd of the butt. Allowed a QD setup 2. My BFG Vickers sling came with the extra nylon piece.

You can sort of see it in this pic: Jul 26, Messages: You might be able to get a simple 1. Oct 26, Messages: Averageman , Aug 8, Dec 26, Messages: They also make swivel mounts that clamp over the buffer tube and place the swivel at the rear of the receiver similar to this: Bartholomew Roberts , Aug 8, I appreciate all the responses.

I would like to clarify that I am looking to carry the Mossberg SPX, with mentioned Magpul adjustable stock in the American or African carry position. This typically means the sling must attach at 90 degrees to the vertical alignmen of the stock.

The front sling mount is attached to the magazine tube and barrel. Note the Swivel mount In regards to carry May 7, Messages: Why not use the paracord the hole is supposedly designed for? Loop some cord through the sling, then through the hole, and tie it off. Maybe a double loop for strength. That would have the sling in the orientation you want, be cheap and easy, and not involve cutting or drilling the stock. Failing that, a milspec M4 stock has the swivel you want, stock.

Mar 18, Messages: Da UP of Michigan. Da Yooper , Aug 9, Might work with paracord. Skylerbone , Aug 9, Jun 15, Messages: Doesn't matter what the hole was meant for. You will not break the Paracord. Mar 21, Messages: Bend up a piece of 10 gage steel wire Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is:


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