Meaning of dovish. Definition of dovish: A description for something that is docile, gentle, easy-going, or otherwise positive, as if to say a thing is similar to the.

Meaning of dovish

How to pronounce Dovish

Meaning of dovish. Dovish definition, any bird of the family Columbidae, especially the smaller species with pointed tails. See more.

Meaning of dovish

Dovish financial definition of Dovish https: Dovish Refers to the tone of language used to describe a situation and the associated implications for actions. For example, if the Federal Reserve bank refers to inflation in a dovish tone, it is unlikely that they would take agressive actions.

Similarly, a CEO might use dovish language to describe an important event facing the firm. This indicates that the firm is unlikely to take strong actions. Dovish sometimes means conciliatory. Describing a statement from the Federal Reserve indicating that it may lower interest rates.

The statement is called dovish because it indicates that the Fed does not believe that the inflation rate is high enough to warrant concern. References in periodicals archive? As regards the currency market, pricing of more dovish policies may result in a weaker RUB, especially as its performance since the start of the year failed to impress despite the high hopes.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel inspired bearish pressure on the Euro when she expressed that its current high valuation would make it more difficult for some European nations to conduct structural reforms, but with the ECB's Coeure also making dovish comments a few weeks back when we were also approaching 1.

Time to test momentum of Pound bulls. The question at the top of every market participant's mind is whether the world's largest central bank will follow its global counterparts into a more dovish policy lean," said John Kicklighter, Chief Currency Strategist at DailyFX. Shares and dollar retreat before statement by Fed.

Strong economic data drives USD higher - report. It's predictable that we're going to see a dovish stance from the Fed, but if it's more dovish than expected, the dollar could be sold further," Saito said. Dollar stuck in lower 97 yen ahead of Fed policy decision. Assuming that the upward revision of inflation is not too sharp, the report could signal that the BoE is even more dovish about raising interest rates from the record low of 0.

Bank of England inflation report expected to point to higher inflation but still no interest rate rise. Both nominal and index-linked government bonds rallied strongly in response to such dovish remarks. Banks raise fears on recovery. A dovish shift in policy may occur next month as suggested by many observers, however, as for now, the central bank will maintain its current stimulus programs until recovery is certain given the uncertainty of global events as stated by Prime Minister Gordon Brown yesterday.

Fukuda is known to favor a dovish diplomatic approach toward China and other Asian countries. Majority of poll respondents expect Abe to replace Koizumi. Some economists said the latter comments suggested that he may take a dovish slant on interest rates. Don't label me, says bank's new deputy.


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