Sgx options trading. The Singapore Exchange (SGX) has announced a series of initiatives to bolster its options market, including enhancing the instruments it offers and introducing a web-based electronic trade registration system. The exchange also plans to launch SGX MSCI Singapore index options to.

Sgx options trading

SGX Founding Futures - Documentary

Sgx options trading. Last week I was in Singapore for the launch of the CBOE Options Institute at SGX. Option trading is spreading around the globe and our partnership with SGX is a sign that more traders and investors outside the United States want to learn about using options as effective speculative and risk management.

Sgx options trading

As a client of Phillip Futures, you will enjoy full access to exclusive seminars and daily market reports by our investment experts.

Learn about the features of the various investment and trading products offered by Phillip Futures. A futures contract is an agreement to buy or sell a specified amount of a commodity at specified price on a specified future date. A commodity is either something physical like grains, livestocks, oil seeds, gold, crude oil etc. For more information, please visit our Introduction to Futures.

Day 1 purchase price: In this scenario, Glenn will make a profit of 3 ticks 0. Commodities trading involves undertaking an agreement to buy or sell a set amount of a commodity at a predetermined price and date. Buyers use these to avoid the risks associated with the price fluctuations of the products or raw materials while sellers try to lock in a price for their products. Foreign Exchange is the simultaneous buying of one currency and selling of another.

For more information, please visit our Introduction to Forex. A Spot Forex contract involves the trading of 2 currencies for settlement within 2 business days. However, if the client has an open position, Phillip Futures will do a strong rollover for clients automatically and there is no fee involved in the rollover process.

Thus the client will not need to worry about monitoring the contracts expiry dates. Unlike Futures contracts or equities, clients with Spot Forex open positions can hold their positions for as long as they want, provided they have sufficient margins in their accounts to finance the position s.

Rollover is a process whereby the settlement of the contract is rolled forward or brought forward to the next value date. Prices on our trading platforms are available and orders are matched within the abovementioned trading hours.

Any order submission, withdrawal or amendment outside trading hours will not be accepted. Good-Till-Cancel GTC orders that remain active over the weekend are subject to prevailing market price when trading resumes. All active orders will get done in accordance with the prices from our liquidity providers. Any prices made available outside the trading hours will not be matched.

Trading options allows an investor to gain leverage in a contract without committing to a trade. Furthermore, risk is limited to the option premium for the buyer of an option. Writers of options face unlimited downside risk. In addition, trading options allows investors to protect their positions against adverse price fluctuations when it is not desirable to alter the underlying position.

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Where can I find the trading hours of a particular contract? What is Commodities trading? What are the commodity products offered by Phillip Futures? We offer commodity products in three main categories: What is Spot Forex trading? Is there an expiry date for Spot Forex contract? What are the advantages of trading options?


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