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Stock tracking software mac

Best Stock Market App!

Stock tracking software mac. The easiest way to watch and track your investments. Download · Buy. 14 Day Free Trial Requires OS X Mavericks or Later. Stock + Pro is the most popular investment app for OS X. Designed to be easy to pick up for beginners while packing advanced tools for seasoned veterans, Stock + Pro helps you know exactly.

Stock tracking software mac

A couple of years ago, as the US stock market flirted with the south pole, we bought stocks. Our investing strategy has always been to buy low, wait, hope, pray, fret, cry, and not look at the stock price every day. We checked the prices from time to time recently and found less reason to cry. Is there an app for that? But you can never be too sure, so I decided to dig through a bunch of Mac apps to see which one would give me the best deal for the money.

Investoscope — This is for heavy duty investors. Investoscope is a portfolio tracker for just about anything—stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. Create a watch list, track in different currencies, get updated quotes, check on stocks in many world markets, and quickly see performance over time.

A Dashboard Widget this is not. Reports include capital gains, income, and stock performance. Nice, but it takes effort to dig into to use properly.

SystemTrader — This is the most expensive of the bunch. SystemTrader tracks a portfolio of stocks, charts performance, and can scan the market for buying opportunities. Set up watch lists, backtest on historical data, even screen stocks using built-in assistants to filter various conditions.

MacStockManager — This inexpensive app is loaded with features. MacStockManager pulls down delayed stock quotes, uses local currency, and supports an unlimited number of stocks, funds, options and other entries.

Gain or loss, highs and lows over time, the short ratio, volume stats, book value and ratio, and a total for all stocks in the portfolio. The charts get a little complicated for the casual investor, but come with over a dozen technical analysis indicators.

StockMenulet is as simple as it gets and inexpensive. Green is increasing, red is decreasing. MacStockManager seems to be a good value for the money and matches my purpose of a quick look with a little individual stock detail.

I feel the same about StockMarketEye which has similar features but is easier to set up and use. Feel free to share in the Comments section. Read more of my articles here. Check out my Mac tips, tricks, and app reviews at Bohemian Boomer. As they say, a watched kettle never boils. StockMarketEye — This one caught my eye last.


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