Tradesmart closing. Texas-based retailer Hastings Entertainment Inc. has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The company operates more than superstores, including a concept store near Southwest Plaza.

Tradesmart closing

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Tradesmart closing. It would seem the '90s are going to come back, whether we like it or not. This apparently doesn't just mean flannel shirts and Velcro shoes; the recently opened Tradesmart, West Crestline Avenue in Littleton, hopes to also bring you the shopping experience you might remember from that decade in.

Tradesmart closing

The apparent news is that the brick and mortar store Hastings is in serious financial trouble. Hastings is known for selling comics, video games, collectibles, dvds, music, and books. They often have good sales on used games.

If this truly is the last gasp of breath for this store, will gamers get to see fantastic clearance deals? What was the final nail in the coffin? Hasting operates over plus stores all over the US and their motto is "Discover your Entertainment. They were founded in the s and their headquarters are in Texas. The demise for the demand of physical media has probably contributed to their problems.

Hastings is facing the case of it needs cash within 30 days or else its closing everything. They also own Moviestop and Tradesmart, which will also be closing. I found out about the closure, due to a posted announcement in store, that as of early June they are no longer doing buybacks or selling any kind of gift cards. Hastings is also no longer selling pre-orders or doing rentals. The most recent releases such as Doom or Overwatch can be found cheaper at other stores.

In the past, I have had pretty good experiences with Hastings. There are a few stores in my area and some a few hours away. I remember being a kid in the s and being able to rent PC games there.

They also had a section for renting adult movies and adult PC games. However, over the last year I built up a lot of credit there. One of the reasons is that they offer good trade in values for AAA games for months. Often times they had good Black Friday sales and several years ago they would run deals when games were released. My biggest problem was finding things I wanted to buy at the actual store. Hastings was not very good about keeping up on universal price drops on older games.

So what caused all of this? People have speculated it's the lack of interest in physical media as many consumers are going all digital. Their customer service was pretty good and I never had a problem with returns. I know a lot of people traded in games, books, movies, etc, and it would have been nice if they had a better way to access these values before people went in store. Aggressive pricing and more sales, as well as cutting down the amount of trade in credit offered for items could have helped them in the long run.

I will miss Hastings, it was one of the last hold outs from the s and one of the last place people could rent games. There are still a few good sales going on at Hastings in store. Here is a link to their ongoing promotions. Some are thinking that Hastings will restructure to an online only business.

People on Cheapassgamer have speculated this could be a way out. More on Hastings pending closure and bankruptcy can be found here. The Gamers Lounge is a video game news, review and opinion site run by gamers like you.

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