Zrc forex system. I write to Dr. Zain and he says buy ZTL system. So I buy it and first practice for 1 month demo then start with real money. This make me confident. I start making money, good money every day. After some months I buy another system ZRC. This make me rich. This is very good system. I sell my shop and trade.

Zrc forex system

SuperFX New Trading System, Scalping Forex Master

Zrc forex system. I have tried the COTL system wich some people say it is a bad copy of ZTL, I didn't like it because the support service is realy bad. Some people say Dr Zain Agha's ZRC system is the real deal in forex trading. Would you share your systems? Maybe we can exchange systems I'm trying MMTS and looks.

Zrc forex system

Has anyone heard and tried any of these 3 systems by a guy called Dr Zain Agha and if so what experience have you had with them? Hi I did purchase the 'ZTL', had a little success with it but nothing like the published results.. Loads of 'reviews' on Felix's site good and bad Forexbastards. I would be interested to know of anyone using that system also. I too would be very interested in this system.

Can I ask what you think of the systems you have purchased from Dr Zain - i. Is he credible and are his systems risky. Would you share your systems? I have nearly 20 systems that worth looking. After experiencing his other system, I doubt it's worth the money. You give the best Trading System to 10 Traders and they will all trade differently. The Lucky ones will make money and keep quiet about it and the Unlucky ones will lose no matter what and blame others for it or blame the System.

Fortunately I am amongst the Lucky Ones. I used to be a small shop keeper in Fes, Morocco and now, thanks to Dr. I am also into the Property business with the income from Forex Trading. I travel to France and UK with my wife, my wife shops at Harrods in London, the most expensive shopping center in the world.

We have a saying, Buy Expensive and Cry once only, buy cheap and cry all your life. This is the case with Dr. They are expensive to buy but highly profitable. Another point I would like to clarify is about the posting of charts in the members area. It is clearly mentioned that these charts are not the actual traded charts. These charts are there for the benefit of the members to show them how best they could have traded. I have an advice for those losing traders. Its all about your MindSet.

Explore Google and search for Mind Sciences and you will soon learn how to change your Negative Thougts into Positive one. Positive mind creates wonders in one's life. Why don't you post your REAL time trading record? I'll tell you why. Because you don't have one.

Spare me the junk that you don't want someone to hack your account. You can blank out your name and account number. This way, someone can verify what you say by going back and checking the trades to see if the conform to the system.

I bet you're his relative, anyway. Good try to try to salvage an overpriced "system" that can be found for free here or any of the other forex chat boards.

I am neither advertising nor selling anything. There is no need for me to prove anything. Your post clearly proves your negative mental state which will never let you progress in life. So show us the positive to this positive mind person, I would want to know how successful you are in real trade.

You will be better off reading infomation on the internet. Learning on your own rather than paying for this course.

You may first of all ask what does ZRC stand for? The material" on google and you'll get a pdf file with an intro to Z system. Check on other forums and you will find similar post of users with Arabic names and most important check the activity of those users, looks like if they just signed in to make promotional posts.

I think same as you. I saw he post the same sentense in many forum such as FF, FXpeacearmy to review about this product.

Becareful of this guy. I have searching and download ebook name "z the millionair maker" and it is not real. This may be the trap. I actually got some systems from him Not really pride of it, but at least didn't pay hundreds of pounds to Zain Agha. Hi Rob I too would be very interested in this system. I have nearly 20 systems that worth looking Best Regards.

Ask him to post at this forum real time signal for 2 months an lets see what does he said. Why do I know this, because y bought 2 of his systems and i waste my money.

I have seen "Doctor" Agha's system, his news one. Not impressed at all. His commiting a "legal" crime, but won't last long. My two cents Cheers.


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