Adsense forex site. I am thinking about placing AdSense ads on my forex site. I am a little concerned because I don't like putting up ads like that, but the possibility of.

Adsense forex site

Adsense, Google Adsense, Adsense Youtube Adsense Nichos de Forex para Adsense 2016 gane dinero

Adsense forex site. Hi all, my website is Best Forex Broker Keywords for this site should be at least 1CPC and upto 4 or even $6 per click. I do maximumly.

Adsense forex site

What this means is that I have to increase my adsense earnings by 16 times. So far, at the moment of writing this, I have 75 posts written. It can take more than 6 months to get ranked in page 1 of google for such high competition keywords. I can also see in google analytics what keywords visitors are typing to visit my website and then check what page that keyword I ranking for.

But my dream keyword is not even showing is not even showing on page 10 of google yet. None of the keywords have reached the first pages of google yet. Most of the keywords are showing up between page 2 to page 10 of google search results.

For the The posts I create, I use google keyword planner tool, and find out the low competition keywords and create content based around that keyword.

I aim for at least a minimum of words per post. The longer the better. Because with a longer post, you get ranked for many keywords that you never planned for or never knew existed. Believe me when I say this. It is crazy the type of keyword variations people type in google to land on your website. Kindly ask your visitors at the end of each post to share your post on facebook, twiter etc if they enjoyed it. So what I do at end of each post, I write something like this: Write content for people, not Google.

So really write and arrange your content in a way that would make people share you content. What I tend to do to get ideas of what type of content gets shared a lot and copy the model used.

The topic may be from another niche but I copy the structure, vary the headlines etc and make it unique in my own way.

When you write, just write like you talk. I also make sure that the keyword is in the Meta Description. The other is SEO through content creation. Now, I cannot advertise my site on Google and Facebook because my accounts are suspended. I begged and pleaded and if I was a dog, I would wag my tail a million times, but it was pointless. Its such as shame that such mult-billlion dollars companies like facebook and google have really poor customer service.

Now, from my experience, the customer service on Bing is pretty awesome. I also have twitter to advertise. Now, off course, the long term strategy is content. Create content to drive traffic. I may not see immediate impact or traffic now but months and years down the line, its going to pay for itself. I have to own some of these traffic. I need to create a lead magnet, which is an ethical bribe to visitor to give me his email address in exchange a free report or software etc, which I will give send to him.

In that way, once I have email address, I can email my list any time I create a new post and still get visitors to come to my sites to read the new post instead of depending on paid and organic traffic. The more visitors I get to my sites the more adsense revenue I can earn.

Traffic is the lifeblood of a website and if you own the traffic, you are doing pretty good. Thanks For Visiting My Blog where I share my experiences on making money online with adsense, ebooks, a "little" bit of affiliate marketing and flipping websites. I've done a little bit of them all and I have a trick or two in my pocket. I'm not a online money making guru. I'm just like you still with a job and still grinding online trying to make passive income for myself.

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