Brandon lewis gemini 2. Gemini 2 Software Review By Brandon Lewis CEO Of Gemini Holdings Is Gemini2 APP Scam Or Legit Trading Software? What is Gemini 2 Trading APP All About? Discover More Information in my New Honest Gemini 2 Reviews To Get up To $3K Gemini 2 APP Bonus. The Gemini 2 APP is a New Exciting.

Brandon lewis gemini 2

Gemini 2 Review Brandon Lewis Gemini 2 System Software Review Gemini2 Team From Gemini Holdings

Brandon lewis gemini 2. But according to us, this is not proof to justify the distribution of this malicious Gemini 2 scam trading app. We will discuss that shortly. Website: Gemini 2 Review. The thing is, this guy called Brandon Lewis is a liar and a jackass who doesn't care about your financial troubles. He is there to.

Brandon lewis gemini 2

We came across their website and listened to the pitch made by Brandon Lewis. The Gemini Software is nothing more than a bogus website that is filled with lies and deception to trick you into falling for this money trap. Before we could say for certain, we had to check out every aspect of the program to be sure.

What we found was pretty disgusting. Keep reading for the full scoop on the Gemini 2 scam. Anyone who knows anything at all about binary trading options knows that this has never been done before and that these extraordinary claims are just to good to be true. Any pro trader will tell you that this is a lot of bunk.

This is the first deception. Too much time is spent in the video trying to convince people of the luxuries that they will be able to afford. He also shows images of bank accounts that could have been doctored by anyone.

Lewis claims that Gemini 2 has been generating between ten and fifty thousand dollars a day in profits consistently for people in the past three years. We checked out the website with a domain age tool that verifies the start date for the site. It has only been around since the end of May , so here is another lie to add to the collection. Brandon says that you can begin trading with Gemini 2 App on autopilot and keep the system running twenty four hours a day and seven days a week.

This is odd for an expert who developed binary trading software, because everyone that does trading knows that the markets are closed on the weekends.

We believe that he is reading a script that was written by the real owners of this scam operation. We attempted to verify the testimonials, and reviews that are presented to support the legitimacy of this program. We found nothing concrete so we have no choice but to conclude that they have been purchased for the sake of promoting this scam. None of them made any profits at all with the Gemini 2 software, but they did lose their entire investments.

This is evidence enough to prove that the Gemini 2 App is bogus. And what about the brokers that Lewis is using for Gemini Auto trader? This Gemini 2 Website does not offer any of these things and this is another factor that places them firmly in the classification of a scam. Check my scam binary signals list!! Similar Scams You Should Avoid: Checkout the reviews of the best performing Auto trader: After conducting the review and weighing the facts, we could only conclude that the Gemini 2 program is definitely a scam.

You should avoid making an investment with your hard earned money into this bogus system. Based upon the user complaints, this is a vile scam that will rob you of every dime that you invest.

Our Gemini 2 review includes a full investigation of the claims made by the presenter, Brandon Lewis. There are no testimonials that are verifiable to support this as a good option for making profit. So avoid this bogus system!! Really lost trust of all online marketing, trading systems like Gemini 2.

I hate this pyramid scheme we are trapped to slave in, no escape if you cant succeed in your own business and really i never will be like them. I have empathy for mother earth and all living within in it but as the years go by i really think it needs to be flushed down to the core n new species may be better then the failed race over bred on the planet. Bring on nibiru or comet already, oh please wash it all away!!

I wanna see tidal waves everywhere!! Learn to Swim Please happen already!! Hi i am Nurassikin. Have joined this Geminii2 and have already made my deposit. Is there any way that i can get my money back?

Look good at the video, he is wearing the exact same suit on the day he met Jerry and 30 days later when he visited Jerry. What I would like is someone who bought the program that is being hung out there for people to buy and give a bought and used honest review from a person who has used it. This guy Publicly admitted that he makes millions.

Send the IRS for fucks like this and put them away for not paying the taxes on those millions they make, by their own admission, and throw away the key. I was halfway through the registration when I opened another tab on my browser just to check if this is really legit or not.

That time I was convinced that these people are desperately looking for easy targets to scam. The Gemini 2 is definitely a scam. I signed up for regardless reading about it being a scam. They say their binary robot picks out winning trades without you doing the guess work.

The way the scam works is that they send you a link that says only 1 Spot Left sign up now. No direct contact numbers to a real person and no transparency. So I started doing some guess work and trade manually. Now here is the other catch. The scammers main job is to get you to a crooked offshore broker. The moment you start trading the Gemini 2 apps steels your money right into the brokers pockets and the scammers get paid.

These are all scams, all are paid actors rented plains, rented luxury sports cars, rented offices, fake accounts and numbers. Usually the numbers calling are from over seas………. These people eventually will hack into your personal info and straight into your banking accounts. But then after the stock market closed in NYC yesterday I decided to trade in world currency and think they call that Forex.

Anyway, I manually traded 4 times. Now where the fuck did all the rest of my money go??? Obviously someone at the other end stole it and I cannot even get a hold of a contact person, e-mail, telephone number to address my concerns. Stay away from these people. They are all crooks running and international scam. Were you able to withdraw your money?

What should I do now? Personally, I believe binary options are all scams s its the affiliates who gain on your looses. I have used Insiders Information last year with a shoddy broker called Imperial Options who have high wagering requirements and ridiculous stipulations that you can never withdraw. Banc de Binary never offered advice at the beginning but when I only had a couple of quid tried to get me to deposit more and said if I joined the VIP account then I could get better signals.

Obviously, no integrity on their part that that they are part of this to get punters money. Sure its programmed to lure you into a false sense of security so that when you start winning it eventually takes your hard earned money and lines the affiliate and brokers commission from your deposit and possibly larger investment after a win.

Thank you so very much for the disclosure on Gemini2. I would have fallen into the trap had I not open your page on the reviews. Actually I was almost at the point of entering my financial details to this bogus scammer.

Anyway, my comissuration to those already conned by these unscrupulous greedy scum of the earth persons. I pray that those already suffered loss of their investment will be financially rewarded in future ventures.

Million thanks again for the owner of this website for highlighting Gemini2. May you all continue to be blessed in this world and the hereafter.

Also, when hitting the unsubscribe button at the bottom of their emails, my Norton security blocked it.

So I tried sending them a direct reply email and it was undeliverable. To bad this site is bogus. To many will buy into this and get scammed. Thanks for the info. We need to share such vital info to save others from these scammers. I tried two of them and I lost all my investment. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Inconsistencies with Established Facts Brandon says that you can begin trading with Gemini 2 App on autopilot and keep the system running twenty four hours a day and seven days a week.

Where is your money going? Gemini 2 Autotrader Facts!! Have you ever gotten in contact with these people. Hi Dear, Have any update did you make any profit in 10 days??

It is not the same clothes take a good look. First he wares a blue jacket and then a gray jacket. Excellent question yes we need to know how It requires jerry. Usually the numbers calling are from over seas……… These people eventually will hack into your personal info and straight into your banking accounts. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


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