Collateral management margin call. A broker's demand on an investor using margin to deposit additional money or securities so that the margin account is brought up to the minimum maintenance margin. Margin calls occur when your account value depresses to a value calculated by the broker's particular formula.

Collateral management margin call

It's the call you've been dreading - the margin call!

Collateral management margin call. management framework and focused on margin call management, working towards compulsory clearing by the end of It is with great pleasure that we present this Collateral Management Survey, undertaken by Deloitte on an international scale, predominantly across the. European banking industry. The aim of this.

Collateral management margin call

Our systems incorporate all the tools and methodologies to effectively address all the quantitative needs of a modern risk management function. RiskValue fully integrates a broader family of specialized back-office solutions for investments accounting, fund administration, custody and transactions clearing operations.

Risk Management has evolved from an ancillary product to a core service running through all parts of the financial sector. We offer a broad range of risk management solutions ranging from risk reporting on a delegated basis, to the design, implementation and on-going monitoring of a complete risk management process based on our high end technology platform. RiskValue provides consistent and accurate pricing across the full range of financial instruments and products.

Market standard price models are build-in to the system to provide pricing and valuation capabilities that satisfy most requirements.

SYSTEMIC helps finance professionals manage investments and risks, take care of their day-to-day operational processes and make informed decisions through comprehensive solutions that improve their insight, their flexibility and their overall efficiency.

Since , SYSTEMIC has been focusing on developing systems and solutions that help banking organizations, funds, wealth managers, insurers manage investment portfolios and automate complex back-office processes that are part of their day-to-day operation. Our expert teams make sure that each of our systems or services has been carefully adapted to your specific needs and is relevant to the current regime of your sector.

Applying their hands-on experience in finance and IT, our people see that SYSTEMIC solutions can grow along with your business without any sacrifice in terms of functionality or transparency. Welcome to our Resource Center. We regularly publish information and analysis relevant to investment and risk management for the financial industry.

You will also find news relevant to our activity such as new products, case studies, events and others. Here you will find collections of thought leadership articles, white papers, and videos providing all-round insight on trends and problems affecting the operation of any financial institution involved in the investment management business.

Our authors are experts of the financial industry who also participate in our product development cycle. Do you see opportunities where others see challenges? We are always looking for qualified, motivated and energized people with the potential to outperform and outstand. Investment Funds Fund Administration. Today the fund management business has become more complicated and demanding than ever. Alternative asset classes, complex financial instruments, Over the last years, the regulatory framework for the investment funds has become much more complex and demanding.

Different directives, which apply Performance measurement is among the most critical tasks of any investment manager. It comprises various elements, including instrument-specific Funds Risk and Portfolio Management. Investment funds need to implement internal processes and build systems that help them measure, control and manage risks associated with their Basel III reporting can give a serious headache.

There are a number of well-known solutions for assessing the relative risk of both retail and large borrowers who operate in sophisticated markets The rapid developments in the financial and banking industry generate investment opportunities worldwide.

Custody banks need to be ready to Wealth portfolio managers, be them small or large, have to continuously address a number of post-trade challenges, such as the consolidation of Risk and Performance are two faces of the same coin, therefore they should be examined together.

However, because they use different mechanics they The proper implementation of the Solvency II directive and the production of compliance reporting by insurance companies, leads to a number of data Own Funds Investment Management. The latest technological developments in e-trading have forced intermediaries to consider investing an IT infrastructure that can communicate with Traders and risk managers who are active in many different markets and employ several financial instruments need a reliable solution for the real Dealing Room Risk Management.

The continuous measurement of trading exposure which is generated by traders for hedging, speculation or market-making purposes, must be carried out About us SYSTEMIC helps finance professionals manage investments and risks, take care of their day-to-day operational processes and make informed decisions through comprehensive solutions that improve their insight, their flexibility and their overall efficiency.

Combined under the umbrella of an integrated solution margin and collateral management effectively provided for bilateral, listed and OTC cleared derivatives. RiskValue allows an automatic generation of initial and variation margin on a daily basis required per CCP algorithm, as well as the ability to reconcile periodically to the clearing member. Register of collateral transactions Support of diverse asset classes Calculation of margin calls and provision of the suggested credit support cash and collateral amounts Early warning indicators and notifications for breached limits with user defined messages.

Collateral agreements definition Portfolio content rules: RiskValue provides an overview of collateral, market positions and margin call conditions, available and eligible positions and all the upcoming corporate action events Initial and variation portfolio margin calculation Margin calls calculation on assumed or actual settlement Multiple levels of user defined warning messages On-line trade updates to support the margin calls RiskValue provides a wealth of pre-defined detailed reports suitable for assisting collateral managers and exception reporting i.

Supported margin methodologies required by CCPs Calculation of initial and variation margin per custodian, prime broker, managed account. Full replication of algorithms for all listed derivative instruments Decomposition and margin analysis per position Automatic update of risk parameters through interfaces with exchanges What-if-scenario: Benefits Operate Comply Decide.


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