Enforex salamanca email providers. The language school Enforex was founded in Salamanca, Spain in The school is less than a five-minute walk away from the Plaza Mayor, Salamanca's main square and the heart of the historical centre. It is located in a converted convent, which provides it with the quaint candor of its facade, while indoors the.

Enforex salamanca email providers

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Enforex salamanca email providers. Reviews of Enforex - Learn Spanish "I have been sending my students from Hong Kong to Enforex schools for a few years, and they always c ".

Enforex salamanca email providers

The beautiful architecture of the historic building opens up to a beautiful cloister at the entrance of the building. Be inspired by our wonderful teachers who are passionate about helping you learn Spanish with ease. Elizaveta Slasareva I thought my first day was going to be very difficult since I had to do a level test and find myself surrounded by lots of new people. Yoshida Keisuke The first day I arrived at the school I couldn't speak or understand Spanish, so you can imagine how nervous I was.

Even though the class was difficult for me, the teacher was very nice and that made me more comfortable. Samantha Britt I loved Enforex. I started off learning for school, but ended up learning for my personal enjoyment. My teachers and classes where fantastic. I will recommend to my friends that they come here to learn. I had a great time during my 12 weeks. It is a very well prepared institution.

Living and learning Spanish in Salamanca is like being transported to another era: To this day, Salamanca counts among the most reputed learning centers in the country, which, in turn, explains the huge concentration of students roughly 30, of them in what is otherwise a relatively small city roughly , people.

Therefore, a bustling, young population provides the perfect environment to enjoy a productive spell in this city of culture par excellence, learning the language. Which is precisely where our school enters the equation: Enjoying the best of both worlds, old and new, our students will be able to take advantage of our many amenities, such as a fully equipped computer lab with free Internet and wireless connection throughout the building, spacious sporting areas and communal rooms where to carry out their research, relax or socialize, all within the unique environment of a historical building.

Furthermore, the archeries around the courtyard, and the yard itself constitute a remarkable sample of traditional religious architecture, which, in turn, was often adapted in civil constructions in Spain, where the internal patio and the corridors around it that link it to the building provide a constant source of fresh breeze and a sheltered area where to enjoy the best of the weather.

With 30 classrooms, and as many as 60 during the summer months, the Enforex Spanish School in Salamanca is constantly servicing a large community of students from all over the world, who come to Salamanca for the many quality Spanish courses on offer, lured by the deep-rooted tradition of learning that exists in the city, such that a melting pot of cultures, traditions and languages brews spontaneously, allowing our students to learn much more than just grammar and pronunciation: One of the most important incentives when it comes to learning a foreign language is to find a theme, subject or activity related to such language which might help us remain focused and hungry for more.

To that end, we have designed a wide array of combined courses where diverse interests can be combined to make the Spanish learning experience more fruitful and fulfilling. On an entirely practical level, we have introduced business and executive courses, specifically tailored for the requirements of the sectors in question.

Nevertheless, our courses are not only conceived for those who wish to exploit to the limit the pragmatic aspect of the language, but also for more idle or artistic minds with a keen interest on the history, the literature or the art history of the country — because if there is one place suited to look at those aspects of Spanish culture, it is Salamanca. We have mentioned already the prevalence of the most distinctly Spanish artistic tendencies, Churrigueresque and Plateresque, in the urban landscape of Salamanca but, in terms of history and literature, the city has been equally important: Program specifically tailored to the needs of students who are looking to study at University in Spain.

Renovated and modernized former convent, 5, m2 30 classrooms up to 60 during summer Staff room Lecture room Computer lab with free internet. Wireless internet in the building Wi-Fi Common lounge area Beautiful central patio Spacious sporting areas. Register for a course.


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