Foreign trade data incomplete in sap. Component: Basic Functions -. Solution: (SAP Service marketplace login required). Key words: VF01, VF02, EIPO, EIKP, foreign trade, incompleteness, incompletion, domestic, delivery, billing document, EXNUM, EXPKZ, export indicator, export number foreign trade.

Foreign trade data incomplete in sap

Foreign Trade Zones FTZ with SAP GTS 11.0

Foreign trade data incomplete in sap. If no foreign trade data is required then maintain same country in company code, s org, shipping point. If export sales, maintain copying controls delivery to billing in that field is DETERMINE EXPORT DATA you should leave it blank. And maintain the procedure in the combination of country.

Foreign trade data incomplete in sap

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No spaces please The Profile Name is already in use. Foreign trade data incomplete. Foreign trade data incomplete for item Message no. This means that the document cannot be trasnferred to accounting FI. System Response The system issues a message. Procedure Maintain the incomplete foreign trade data. Then you can transfer the billing document to accounting FI. How to overcome the problem? All the help will be greatly appreciated. Regards Sridhar Join this group. Mark this reply as the best answer?

Choose carefully, this can't be changed. Dear Sridhar, You have to input foreign trade data for this transaction. Hope this help with regards, Lutfi At You may use transactions VI29 and VI Wed, 04 Feb Hi Sridhar, the message obviously means that you should update the foreign trade data in material master t-code MM02, choose the plant and appropriate sales area.

Depending on the current system customizing there may be several types of information required to be provided in different material master views: Dear Lufti, Where can I maintain the data below: White Papers and Webcasts. Related Pay as you grow data protection. This is a multi-part message in MIME format. Please kindly help how to solve this problem? How to disactivate this features since we don't use this. Also please give me information what is Foreign Trade Data used for?

First look into the incompletion log in foreign trade as to which data is incomplete and jus remove those fields in the incompletion log or alternatively you can set the control not to give error while processing the documents. Try this and get back. Assign appropriate in-completion procedure. If the business process does not need forein trade data validation. You can set it as No-Validation. Hi Chandra, Could you explain to me how come in Invoice there is an incompleteness.

How to assign this procedure to Invoice? If possible could you give a scenario related to foreign trade? Hi Nagarajusd, I have checked that side. I got confused because in my configuration, I didn't mantain foreign trade for Australia.

There are only 2 countries are maintained in configuration CH and DE which are nothing to do with my Australia. I didn't do something related to foreign data. If you can help guide and explain to me in detail how it's work will help me a lot. Hi, Please check at invoice level, what FT data is missing in the invo ice at header level - You will find red indication there, add the data it w ill become green and then save it, it will create acct document.

Rega rds Shrinivas Original Message From: Hi Shrinivas and all, Thanks, for your help guys. I solve the problem. The problem was because someone maintain one shipping point with country DE with departure zone So everytime we deliver from that shipping point system generate foreign trade data although the customer is local. Hi, My case is something near to this case. When i feed the data at header level and item level still the red colour had not changed to green colour.

Can anyone suggest where can we set as No-Validitation for this incompletion procedure. This is most urgent. Hi guys, I meet billing document could not be transfered to accounting, the reason is 'foreign trade data incomplete'. I checked both header and item in For Trade tab, the green light is there. And the delivering plant and ship-to party is both local. It is not a foreign trade.

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