Forex brokers for news trading. This is a list of brokers that are currently being tested with CNT EA by our members. For more information on CNT EA and to participate in the search for the Best News Trading Forex Broker, please visit the CNT News Trading EA Reviews on Forex Brokers posted in this section are from actual visitors and members of CNT.

Forex brokers for news trading

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Forex brokers for news trading. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of the Forex venture is that it is one rounds the clock. Known as an open market, traders new and old try and make profits from currencies by following the market situation using technical tools and analytical objects. Trading news is one common mode which many adopt and prosper.

Forex brokers for news trading

There is no such thing. A good broker is a good broker regardless of your trading strategy. Look for a broker that suits your needs and take your time. I have one account with Paxforex and I picked them due to their deep liquidity which surprised me and I have enjoyed one of my portfolios there.

You need to pick a broker you feel comfortable with and make sure they are liquid and allow your trades to be executed at the price you enter for pending orders , without re-quotes and slippage should not be that great of a deal if they are liquid. Stay away from brokers with low liquidity, do not fall for their advertised spreads which may be low as they are worthless if you can get your trades executed.

When you find a good broker it does not matter what strategy you will use as they will be good all around. Pepperstone has the best spreads and they even have a razor account specifically designed with tight spreads. That's your best bet for trading news. I agree with TheLastBear that there is no such thing. But if you mean something else then perhaps I would recommend FXPRIMUS as they are one of those very few brokers who provide a lot of information especially for those who are into news trading.

Hope you can find the most suitable broker for yourself. If you want to trade the news, you need to go with a ecn broker. Don't used a market maker broker, you shoulnd't used a market maker anyway but for news they are the worst. ECN broker or stp, will give you the bid and offer position from other trader in there circle. Market maker go against you, in most cases market maker do money when you loses.

So when the risk is higher for them to lose money you making money , like when there is a economic news, the market can move very fast they change the spread according to their risk. You can see some market maker spread go up to 20 pips and more when there is a big economics news. With ECN you will see the bid and offer of their client traders or their affiliate bank partner.

I agree with you that a good broker is a good broker. There are quite a few threads started where questions are asked about best broker for news, scalping etc. I think if you trade with a solid broker it does not matter which strategy you use. I've had good luck with smart trade fx. I also had a good run with hotforex but they started manipulating my account after 3 months. But in answer to your question i'd start with smart trade fx and once they started to manipulate i'd move on.

A tight-spread broker is not necessarily a good broker. It may appear that they are good brokers because of the tight spread. They are just a cheaper broker. No broker will guarantee order execution around news release times. We can not say confidently that any specific broker will give you right news. News are for every one.

Main thing is how you react on it. Brokers give you general news that can influence market now it is up to trader he act on it blindly or see his own plan. I know just one or two websites that are good news provider.

You got news but it is not guarantee that you will do right trading on it. Any broker or individual will just tell you, You have to do your own decision how you have to trade on news or away from news. Who is the best broker for news trading Beginner Questions. I would avoid news trading as you will find it hard to compete with the professional traders.

Where does it says they have the best spreads or is this your opinion? Hope that helps give some insight into brokers.


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