James16 group forex price action download. Member Question to Location, Confluence, How and where to Enter - James16group Forex Video - Duration.

James16 group forex price action download

How to open a Forex demo account with the MM4X price action software

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James16 group forex price action download

I joined a couple of months ago and have really enjoyed what I have learned there. Definitely read the free chart thread on the public forum first. If you like what you have learned there and want to take the next step and have the money of course then I would recommend joining.

Since I don't really know you I can't tell you what will be helpful for you and I don't want to make a "recommendation" per se. Allow me to share a couple observations:. James16 concentrates on "price action" set-ups. Be aware that the information presented is not a "system", or a mechanical device, or a signal service. It is not magic. I believe James says so himself in very clear terms over and over again in the threads. Most of the ideas presented have been around for many years.

You could find them on your own if you so choose. The reason price action observation tools are still around is that they still work. Price is what we try to measure, right? IMHO, what the James16 group provides is a synthesis of the very root of market price action analysis and, most importantly, a community where these specific techniques and ideas can be discussed with other decent traders.

Ultimately that's why we join forums like babypips , isn't it? As Andy said above, read the public side first twice if you need to. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions - I feel like I already turned this post into an advert. I haven't seen any of their trading techniques but from what I've seen from other traders, it seems like they are pretty smart.

Do your diligent research before spending your money though. I joined the James16 group for a month and was actually disappointed. I've been reading every possible thing I can find on Forex for the last several months, and I figured by joining their group they would be able to provide new insights into the market. Unfortunately though there wasn't anything said there that I haven't already read somewhere else.

I thoroughly enjoyed the free thread at FF and the many charts help a lot. Great place to start your studies and the current posters keep up a good discussion that you can bounce your ideas off of. I know I am going to catch he!! All he needs is a few hundred subscribers and he is making some serious dough. If he said that he had full time employees including a manager because he is so successful he doesn't want to do any of that and wanted it to pay for itself I might believe that.

Just says that he want's to charge so he can keep out the riff raff wtf? And why has nobody confirmed independent 3rd party ever met this guy in person and seen his house car and work free lifestyle? People just believe him because he seems so credible.

Just like Bernie Madoff! Then there are the other 'teachers' in his group. Maybe they are for real too but why did they all seem to join the forexfactory website at the same time?

Look up their profiles. Don't get me wrong. I want this to be for real and the stuff they talk about is considered good basic advice by most at the very least. Why the pay site run by these supposed forex millionaires who nobody has ever met? I'm not a member but some people really like the site and the membership. Look through the thread first and see if it's something you're interested, don't just throw money at it. From what I hear the paid website is good, but you can learn it all from the free info on FF if you've got the time.

That being said, even people that have appeared to be on the up-and-up can turn out the be scams Anyone remember the James not James16, a different James that advertised his trading room on Babypips for years?

Turns out he was stealing his posts and methods from someone else, not really trading, and just raking in cash from the membership fees. Actually the argument of keeping out the clowns and other non serious traders is a valid argument for charging a monthly fee, which btw turns into a lifetime membership after one year. But like you say, there's no need to join the PF and pay, you can do just fine with the public thread which is also pointed out several times.

Interesting to see the responses. You know this is textbook Bernie Madoff scam type stuff. Other people saying it was good. On on and on it goes. If he just wants to help others then why charge for it? After all he is a "successful forex trader with 25 years experience" which he makes a point of saying almost every post!

And why do they never show live trades? He always shows trades after the fact which anyone can do and make look like they are a genius. In fact if you follow some peoples comments there are clues. When I follow the money and it is telling me a different story than what he is saying. That is setting off some warning lights for me. Not saying there is anything wrong with the methods or advice. I have incorporated many of the concepts of Price Action myself. He specifically says he does not show live trades on the site.

That is how I know he doesn't. Looked at the guest area of the pay site and watched Fijitrader videos. Seems like a credible enough guy except for yet another curious thing. He is shilling for some Fiji resort hotel in all his videos. Things that make me go hmmmmm. Now of course you can explain away all these things one way or another.

But ask yourself this. Are these not legit questions to be asking and why is nobody asking them??? Like one of the very last lines in the Documentary "The smartest guys in the room" about the Enron scam.

Yep, that's the one! The name of the source was revealed when James' scheme was uncovered, but the posts were removed from Babypips after a few hours and I don't remember his name.

The basic IB system was stolen straight out of a forex book, and James' "updates" that he posted every few days were copied-and-pasted from the author's website. James16 Group Beginner Questions. Has anyone tried joing this group from ForexFactory?

Is it worth it? Allow me to share a couple observations: I've never been a member either, but I've heard great things about it. It comes down to which is worth more to you, time or money


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