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Offworld trading company strategy forum

Offworld Trading Company: Winter FFA Final

Offworld trading company strategy forum. View Profile View Posts. Oct 21, @ am. Playing the market as a strategy. Just put a post about this on the OTC forum site. Essentially curious if anyone has made this work as a strategy. Is a non-production (or less production) win possible.

Offworld trading company strategy forum

Below are strategy tips for success in Offworld Trading Company. Look at the resources on the map and find a much-needed but little exploited one.

Try to combine the current situation with Black Market attacks to drive up the demand extra-high. Power cannot be stockpiled in this way. Simply build the power plants you need. However, getting the tech for stockpiling power can help you if power is your target resource.

At this point you have to consider if you can keep it up or have to switch to another resource. Depending on the tactics you chose, you might want to switch to another resource. For instance, if you fooled other players into using up claims and resources to make a lot of a high-priced resource e. To accomplish this switch-tactic, you usually have to let the market demand 'build up slowly' using passive tactics so other players won't suspect market manipulation.

They can thus react or recover quicker from the strategy. The basic idea is to get as much resources as quick as possible like steel and aluminum , depending on your hq-type to upgrade your HQ to level 4, in order to unlock offworld rockets and send resources off-world.

It is very profitable and can enable you to buy out other players much more easily if you can get your rockets working. The offworld rush is less powerful than it used to be, however, due to offworld prices generally starting lower and only increasing slowly over time.

This tactic is an end-game one, and leaves a player vulnerable to a lot of counters. One of the counters is where Black Market abilities are used to disable your steel production or carbon if you're scavenger hq that delays your resource gathering for upgrading. Another one is to drive you into debt through market-manipulation that makes your stock cheap due to high debt then buying up your stock by the time you get the rocket.

Even if you use Goon Squad protection on your rocket when you do get it, its only temporary protection, and it is still easy to use any of the many Black Market sabotages to keep attacking it until your Goon Squads run out. They don't get bonuses from being next to each other, so keep them apart to protect them from Power Surge attacks or EMP attacks.

They use a lot of power , so take care against Black Market attacks against your power grid or being too dependent on solar power which will drive up your debt like crazy during night-times. Offworld Trading Company is a unique game that rewards thinking on your feet and adapting your strategy to constantly changing game conditions, not memorizing build orders and deploying hard counters. Every stratagem has a counter — literally, thanks to the real-time market pricing that is the game's core foundation — if you can see what your opponents are trying to do in time to react to it.

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