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Options trading forum

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Options trading forum. Public forum to learn option trading from peer option traders without paying a dime. Drill into various options strategies, discuss real options trades. Improve your trading skills by interacting with the largest options traders community.

Options trading forum

Testimonials, tips and tricks. In Early , Jimmybob joined the Investorhub community. As a former trader in all exchanges, he quickly discovered the speculative world of penny stocks, including but not limited to pink sheet and the stocks formerly known as OTCBB.

In Feb of , after having success in combining the world of penny stocks with the lucrative, yet volatile world of Options, Jimmybob JB opened up the Options Millionaire board on Investorshub.

Bringing two worlds together with the thinking being, Trade Small, Profit Big. He had discovered the 'holy grail' of penniesOptions! With the abundance of issues that were beginning to come to light on pinks and otcbbs, that market was taking its toll on many he had met on investorhub.

JB decided to show others what he had learned, in that the two very different markets could appeal to both penny traders and big board traders. Options Millionaire board was born, and uranium-pinto-beans UPB was added as a moderator the following month. Below is Progression and Growth of the board: There is no site, thread, messageboard or blog like this anywhere on the internet.

That is a guarantee! In addition to Investorshub, there is also a website: We invite you come in and 'kick the tires' for 3 days with a free trial. Private chatroom members will receive alerts approx mins earlier than public! Very simply put, we are Trading Options Here are the steps we take which are suggested as a program of recovery for your portfolio. Our program is designed to assist the Newbie Trader, the trader who is just starting out, and the trader who is on the comeback trail.

Seasoned traders will quickly see the benefits of what we are doing. The lack of transparency and Information Overload that you are faced with, will confuse the average trader. Do yourself a favor: Look around for a better site If YOU are a new trader, this is what you need to do to get started Today: At this point this is ALL you need!

Here are some Tips on Papertrading You have swung for the fence, before you even stepped up to bat. You may get a temporary Warm Fuzzy, but you have learned nothing about money management, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat in the REAL world of trading! Been There, Done That! You must Papertrade for a minimum of 2 weeks.

In some cases it may take even longer. How will you know what is right for YOU: Are you showing a profit after 1, 2, or 3 weeks? Do you think you can do this? Are you doing this because its your last chance to recoup your losses Tell someone close to you what you are doing It could be a Parent, a brother, sister, friend, husband or wife. I am NOT talking about a messageboard or chatroom Do not be afraid to put your butt on the line and and have someone looking over your shoulder on each and every trade you make.

In my particular case, i tell my wife "i bought aapl puts' IF you really really want to put your butt on the line: You must also remember that you are limited on the roundtrips, if you portfolio is not at acceptable levels Your papertrading should be the same! At all times, 'bloom where you are planted' If you arent capable of a 'hit and run' play, stick to bunts and singles. If you attempt to step outside of your comfort zone, your portfolio will quickly tell you how you are doing.

You may get a lil grief from that friend or significant other you told, as well You must learn basic charting to begin with and in fact, continual study of charting is a Must!..

Are you buying it because someone else is buying it? Do you see what he sees? Suppose he is wrong You must keep your left arm straight on your follow through. Can you afford to lose your entire investment on that One trade? If you say yes, dont tell us THATS why the hell you are in trouble to begin with Do you have watchlists Can you pick one and do this simple task?

When you are comfortable I have some personal experience with every damn one of em! Approximate amounts per Portfolio size: If you have used something similar and your fighting record is 0-everything We have seen Numerous 'multibaggers' How was he able to make these calls, time and time again over a 2 week period? A rare Gift that i have seen only a couple of times in my 15 year trading history If you are reading this for the fist time, I am quite sure there is some disbelief or scepticism Yes, we call our Entries and Exits!

Here is the other side of the coin, as well: We have seen a number of folks lose a lot of money, by making too many mistakes, in a few cases we have even seen a couple of people completely blow out their entire portfolio. What did they do wrong?

Playing with too much money Having 2k in an account and throwing in a single play Stepping outside YOUR personal comfort zone Swinging for the fence Having No money management plan, whatsoever Hope is not a strategy.

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