Signs 365 reviews. Has anyone ever used Signscom. Does anyone know if they are still in business? I've been trying to call them but the number is not working, yet.

Signs 365 reviews printing problems for sign express in lecanto

Signs 365 reviews. Listen to one our customers, Mark Phillips from Signs, talk.

Signs 365 reviews

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Apr 28, 1. Has anyone ever used Signs Does anyone know if they are still in business? I've been trying to call them but the number is not working, yet their website is still live.

The chat on their site works, but nobody responds back. I'm just curious if they are still in business as I need to wrap up a problem I'm having with some full-color coro signs they mailed to a customer of mine. Thanks for any input! Apr 28, 2. They are still in business far as I know. Apr 28, 3. I had the same thing happen to me with them trimming up some stuff they did for me.

It pissed me off because they trimmed into my image and cut part of it off. That's the bad thing about them. They leave everything on the customer even if it's their fault.

If you go online and log in and type your message you'll get a response but it may take a while. What you need to do is go to the rate order page and leave a comment there. You'll probably get help quicker that way.

Apr 28, 4. Contractual Acceptable Margin of Error? Say it measures Will the sign fail to promote the message as intended? In printers terms the amount due for a credit would be the percentage of error in this case - 1. Apr 28, 5. Interestingly enough, I finally did get an answer back Please note below the layout box that Standard Layouts are not suitable for frames. This is listed in red on the website. Okay, I know there's always going to be "margin for error" but when you have a piece of coroplast, 48" x 96", and you start cutting, I can see getting two pieces miscut on the 18" side, not all 10!

They claim that coroplast is not totally square. No it's not, it's rectangular. When I do the math, you can easily cut 10 18" pieces out of 96" and still have some leftover. And for this to happen to 2 sheets, 20 pieces of 18 x 24 total??

Either way, it's not fitting right in her frames. I won't do business again with Signs I don't like the vendors that immediately pull the "sorry, it's not our fault" BS.

That's the problem with alot of places, nobody gives a damn anymore and makes the customer eat everything, making getting new business hard for the little guys. Apr 28, 6. What do you expect? You went with the cheapest printing company out there and who warned you on their site that the signs wouldn't work for what you wanted to do with them but you ordered them anyway.

I'm going to agree with them There are a lot of other wholesale printers that can offer you "perfect" end results but it's going to cost you a lot more and typically take more time.

Apr 28, 7. They used to be MM's here if I remember right. They have an amazing ordering system on their website, but the bad part is I use them from time to time because they are a one day ship from me, and I get stuff instantly. I think that there does seem to be some "errors" that happen, due to how the ordering process is setup, but so far, any mistakes had been on my end because I didn't see the fine print on the website.

They are sometimes really hard to reach by phone, but I've never had trouble getting answers from the website contact. Apr 28, 8. Apr 28, 9. Right, that is why it should have nothing to do with the actual size of the signs cut out of it!

I ordered 18 x 24 signs, and that's what I should get. Apr 28, You must deliver the same quality products to your customers to buy into this mindset that it's okay to do things in an inadiquate manner and refuse to hear any complaints from the customer.

It's typical, I find it every day when I sell new people. I hear all the stories of how they got burned by other sign companies that don't give a damn, took their money, didn't deliver or something similar. I retain my customers by doing the right thing. Generally speaking, we will ask customers if there is a bleed border, need to fit into a frame or any other incidentals to avoid such problems. This is more common with the suppliers who are getting more and more overseas merchandise to cut down on prices.

You want cheap, be prepared to lose something somewhere. I hate surprises, but more than surprises Same defense of excuses I'm getting. I thank the honest and level headed people out there that privately gave me great advice and leads for people who do quality work for a reasonable price. To all the people that want to keep defending lowballers and lowball practices, so be it.

But you don't need to be a mathematician to divide 96 by 18 and see that 10 18" pieces can easily be cut out of that. I understand that reading a measuring tape or ruler these days must be a tough assignment, but I seem to be able to do it when I'm cutting coroplast on my end!: Again, defending, defending, defending. So you can type till you're blue in the face. Then again, it's making sense to me why you keep rebutting When you do that to them it comes around to bite others! And you're in no position to judge any other sign company than your own as far as what they can and cannot produce.

If I'm too busy and choose to farm out some additional work, then that's my business, but again, going back to the mindset of people that are bred to repeat "I do no wrong. There are no reasoning with companies like that.

Okay, for heck sake, and for you to stop trying to defend the lowlifes out there Yes, you're right, you're the bestest sign company in the world and know better than anyone else in the whole wide world. Now did that make you feel better? Gino is right, you ordered the wrong material for the job, even if these came in at exactly 18" x 24" they would blow out of the frames. Grandfather's remark "if you want something done right, do it yourself".

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