Srs trend rider donna forex. READ MORE. sRs Trend Rider Review (REAL INFO) | Trade The Forex. WallStreet Forex Robot there's guy at the forum that sell it for single licence which will cost you USD here is the link to donnaforex sRs Trend Rider;. Srs trend rider donna forex.

Srs trend rider donna forex

Vladimir presents: sRs Trend Rider

Srs trend rider donna forex. GO TO PAGE. REAL sRs Trend Rider Review | Forex Trading Lab. Is The sRs Trend Rider 0 download ea review results forex factory donna forex results free alert best time cloner download freeware srs forex trend. Srs forex trend rider.

Srs trend rider donna forex

Have you seen our live tests page? Please login or register. Home Forum Help Login Register. Has anyone tried SynergyPro manual system? January 16, , When you compare all of them give a signal about the same time? All of them could be used on higher TF like Daily? Not always but in most cases it works for me well. Again I'm trading on daily chart only and I'm not sure about other TFs.

January 17, , Oh, I can see that most of these systems are not so bad Thank You! The first plot is DPI. Someone filled the blank in the 2nd plot and voila! MACD following the blue line. There is a slow moving average of some sort in DPI to encompass the key signal.

Compare the green lines. January 18, , Moved SL to BE. I think all of theese manual systems will perform better then any EA around.

Are you still using them? Do you have a favourite? I have tried the Synergy system and I like it. LFN on December 27, , December 27, , Wall Street Forex Robot by donbon2 [ Today at Best Scalper by donbon2 [ Today at Wall Street Forex Robot by donbon2 [ Yesterday at Wall Street Forex Robot by wallstreet. Wall Street Forex Robot by mauricejac [ Yesterday at January 14, , I could go on and on, but these are the decent ones I have evaluated. See which one pleases your eyes. It gives buy and sell alerts when arrows appear.

Russ Horn Rapid Results. Genesis Matrix free from forex factory forum , Take the trade when colors are aligned. A weighted moving average and a proprietary MACD indicator are used.

Horizontal lines are Take Profit and Stop Loss levels. This is a KISS system. Again, 3 moving averages do the trick. It gives buy and sell alerts when all conditions are met. Just for fun, this is Traderwill's system from WWI forum. He's been making pips everyday. I believe he is trading the M15, but setting QQE at 30min. I edited the screen shot for each system with a daily chart and added a vertical line to show the signal date for the most recent entry.

Trade should open right after the signal candle is complete. Synergy Pro is lagging by one day as compared to others. Of course, this is only the entry side of the story. I have not compared the SL and TP rules for each system. If you want to narrow down your interests, I can look into the exit rules. If it is not broken, don't fix it. In agreement with your entry. Green arrow was up alert has passed. Horizontal lines indicate approx. Rapid Results has not yet entered a long; still indicating a down trend.

It only trades on retracements. So, it will short if there is a down candle in a couple of days plus red MACD. The yellow MACD right now is alerting to look for a long entry after all the moving averages are in the uptrend order, plus price clearing the parabolic SR. Not sure if this is how he trades. Do not pay attentions to the big red arrow. It repaints like zigzag.

Same entry as yours. SL 2 pips below the previous low 0. Same entry as yours and Synergy Pro's. However, there was a qualified long setup 8 days ago that went through some DD after entry but survived. Synergy Pro avoided that trade due to volatility below the red line.

Traderwill also avoided this trade due to bband stop not broken the yellow dotted line. Forex Profit Keeper also issued a blue arrow buy on the 15th to enter long on the 16th. Moving average crosses confirmed by the MACD. Makes no sense to chase from system to system. The key is how they manage the trades.

Synergy Pro teaches the most in trading logic among all the packages, followed by Top Dog Trading and Rapid Results method. Just got this SynergyPro indicators, looks good could be useful. Still looking for DPI for comparison. Logged swordfish Full Member Posts: I personally don't trade manually.

If a system is good visually or by someone's review, I'll try to develop an EA to see how consistent the system is for a long period of time in the time frame of interest. We have all fallen into our own trap by looking at only a few good setups before trading with real money. Dean Malone's videos are worth watching.

If you don't have them, please send me a note. Another good system I've been reading about is on forexfactory. I especially like his honesty about his trades good and bad , total transparency. Rules are simple and clear. In brief, long after a bullish divergence in an up trend defined by 2 time frames at a support level; short after a bearish divergence at an resistance level. How can it go wrong with these rules? Donna's Blog Analysing trades:


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