Tro indicators. Quote from TheRumpledOne: Who needs indicators? Indicators are for suckers. Indicators fool people. If indicators really worked then we would all be rich because of them! Pick a price, any price. Prices ending in 00, 25, 50, 75 usually work best on any instrument - PSYCHOLOGY. Draw a horizontal line.

Tro indicators

Tro compass xi Forex MT4 Indicator

Tro indicators. TRADING IS SIMPLE so why do they insist on complicating it?? TheRumpledOne 3, views. Alessio.

Tro indicators

Log in or Sign up. TRO, thanks for the update! Hello, friends, I have just spoken to Avery TheRumpledOne and he told me that starting today now , he is banned from the Tradestation forums. First, I thought it was a bad joke, but it turned out to be a surreal enough reality.

So starting today, there won't be any new posts by TheRumpledOne, one the most valuable forums contributor. The reason is not quite clear to me, it seems that the problem was with the contact information Avery posted along with his code in the forums.

Dear Tradestation guys, could you please explain to us what has happened? Could you please restore TheRumpledOne's access to the forums? So the question for this poll is obvious: Do you vote for restoring TheRumpledOne's access to the Tradestation forums?? I imagine it is a short time before all this is gone from view so if you where working on something get it backed up right now.

Someone confirm either situation please. Do you have the courage to explain that vote. Also if this TRO created and contribution driven forum has a negative effect how is it that you where a primary respondent? Anyone tracking that logic? I want to hear your logic and review your public contributions. Any explanation of why you are reviewing a negative forum on a regular basis? Anything that would reflect your true character would be appreciated.

You have my vote. So much for voting! Besides does anyone look or respond to the results??? Besides does anyone AT TS look or respond to the results???

Errors caused by anger! He has certainly helped me with learning how to write EL which isn't that easy. It's crazy that someone can get banned just because of putting some contact info in a code?! Hope I don't get banned Harlan Harlan, under the text you should see 4 radio buttons. Have a look at this screenshot: Just make your choice and click "vote now".

There was a link yesterday at the end of the MTC thread. I think his plan is to post code there freely without concern about the board police. You would think TS would take a more thoughtful long term strategic view. I signed up over at Yahoo so I could continue to have access to Avery's ideas.

I appreciate the support you have all shown TRO, however, I cannot discuss the details of why he has been banned since that is a private matter. I can, however, inform you of the numerous opportunities provided to TRO to stay within the forum guidelines. The forums are the property of TradeStation Securities, Inc.

I thank you for everyone's feedback on this matter. Thank you, Stephen Pepe, Jr. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is:


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