Autotrader paypal scam. Auctions and online selling: AutoTrader Paypal Scam.

Autotrader paypal scam

Car Buying Scams Autotrader

Autotrader paypal scam. That's a pretty old scam by now. They pay with paypal, then send someone (themselves) to pick up the vehicle/rv/boat/motorcycle/whatever and then a little while later PayPal claws back the payment since it came from a stolen account, fraudulent account w/e. Same goes for the other way, send them money.

Autotrader paypal scam

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Compare two cars to find the lowest fuel cost. Selling a car on Autotrader - is this a PayPal scam? I am currently trying to sell my car on autotrader as I have just obtained a new one and I have been offered the asking price but the story sounds a little strange do you think it is a scam?

The following is the latest email I have received from the potential buyer: I am glad to know that the car is of a good mechanical condition and has not had any accident in the past as you have not mentioned that.

Your sincerity is something I see very necessary to appreciate. I could have come and inspect the car and then pay you in cash, but i can't due to the nature of my work.

I am a Marin Biologist, I am on yatch right now.. I am actually trying to get the car for my dad who will be adding a year to his age in about 3 weeks as he has always been a fan of the car. So I think its worth paying whatever the shipping charges will be just to put a laughter on his face.

As to shipping, you need not worry yourself about how the car will get to him in Malaysia as soon as you have the payment in your account as I will contact a shipping company that has their headquarter situated in Malaysia and they will handle the pick up and shipping i do understand the v5 and other related paperwork could be signed on my behalf by the local pick up agent so that would be handled as well by whoever is coming to pick up the car from you.. Please note that I will not be needing the vehicle mot or tax because it will be invalid over there so you don't have to worry about it..

I will however be needing your contact address to be able to get the shipping quote from the shipping company. Do get back to me asap with your PayPal Email address and Full name or send me a paypal money request This has all the hallmarks of a scam, many that are circulating at the moment involve the 'buyer' or 'seller' conveniently out of the country.

The strange phrasing "I am actually trying to get the car for my dad who will be adding a year to his age in about 3 weeks" and poor English is another giveaway. You'd hope that a Marine Biologist would be able to spell the words 'marine' and 'yacht'. If you Google parts of the e-mail, you will find that it's a scam. They will send you too much for the car, ask for you to send the excess probably a few hundred pounds back and then reverse the transaction.

You'll then be out of pocket. Is this a scam? The following is an email I received after posting my car advert on Auto Trader: I am currently trying to sell my Peugeot and received the following e-mail -please can you advise if it is a scam.

Good afternoon, Thanks for the response. The price of the vehicle is fine and i am This is an email response to my advert for my 3 year old Land Rover in Auto Trader. It's a scam right? Value my car , miles buy or sell? To pay back over 12 months 18 months 24 months 30 months 36 months 42 months 48 months 54 months 60 months. My credit score Bad Fair Good Excellent. Best available rate 9. Sponsored Content - Driving experience with Track Days. Everything you need to know about DPFs.

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