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Forex overdrive team

forex robot automatic software (expert advisor) for meta trader

Forex overdrive team. The ForexOverDrive MT4 EA is a forex expert advisor. The ForexOverDrive automated forex trading software for the MetaTrader platform has been forward tested on a demo account by the Forex Peace Army™ The forex robot supports the EUR/USD and GBP/USD currency pairs.

Forex overdrive team

Review of the Forex Overdrive EA. Performance Forex Overdrive Test Results. Update October 29th, As you can see overdrive has done extremely well since first putting it up, but it has seen some intense drawdowns at times. If you are going to try this one, I would recommend having a large starting capital and maybe even consider withdrawing profits every couple of weeks or so.

Just something to consider. Overall this has proven to be one of the better more profitable systems out there though. Lets hope it has some damn good entry algorithms! Lord knows this EA is going to need it! I will let it run its course on a account and see how it does.

If it shows any kind of potential maybe I will try to find build some optimized settings for Forex Overdrive. Stay tuned for updates on this. I am now working on some optimized settings to try to close the gap between the risk: I would NOT recommend running it on a live account just yet though. My rule of trading is if the signal that got you in the trade in the first place is no longer valid, why stay in it? Besides, the EA will easily make up the 30 pip loss.

So large drawdowns can always appear. You simply have to have more money than the market in the long run. But to stand this strategy with many consecutive loosing trades, you need to have large amount of money.

So the wager lot size must be as low as possible. U can publish your past trades there savely. I am using forexoverdrive from last 3 months. Does it have any way to setup this robot to open 5 same pair with a little bit delay.

If you are going to purchase this Ea, be sure you are at high risk. This EA has no any strategy it either buy or sell randomly with a high SL, naturally out of 10 times times you get 30pips, but in the movement market goes extremely against you loose every thing. Secondly the never respond promptly, and specially when you ask for a refund they keep mum. I think if you have more balance in your account, like 10K it may do ok with some trades since it uses small trading amounts and you can go in negative for while.

I noticed that sometimes it opens trades in the right direction, other times in the wrong direction causing huge draw back, but since it does small orders 0. However I would execute the trade myself with better result for the most time. I would definitively keep an eye on open trades and sometimes get out of them with smaller loss.

What settings did you guys and Forex FBI use to get your results? These are what I see on another site:. I do not feel safe trading with the EA now.. I have taken it off my account. I will speak to the sellers but it will be a long time before this one ever goes onto my live account again.

I have this expert advisor and have so for about 1 year. I am a live Overdrive user and I have zero of the problems mentioned above. I suspect that since the problems previously mentioned are news to me, that somehow you are getting clipped by the brokers dealing desk, or at least possibly your VPS is slow to revise your open orders. Do you run too many of them? All of these things will cause conflicts between instances of MT4.

I have been with Overdrive since last fall and results are very different between all brokers. Plz do the need full actuly i tried many EA all not so good and losses huge money ,,so how about this overdrive EA and send me the downlad link. Do you guys have any idea how to make it profitable?

I feel based on back testing that V4 wont perform as well as V3 and seems to have different entry parameters. Please do not get sucked into buying forex overdrive! Raman, are u using a another forex ea? The worst thing is that market go agints one the robot entered.

Please I would like to know how to close one order opened by your Ea when you have some pips in profits , I need your help. Left for abt USD Then I top up another USD today hopping to create a bigger margin and safe. Ita has made that I deposit just like for nothing? I have made a request how to set only to 1 trade at a time.

But for abt 15hours already still no answer from the support? I m really upset. Your VPS is openning twice thats why its has a double trade. It close your trade because you are getting a margin call as you run out of money in your account for the equity to use to trade.

Have stopped using this now. Some good trades but always with huge drawdown, and the odd big loss which wiped any profit. What happen with Forex overdrive 4 , since four days I have no trade open in my micro lots account with Hotforex , my host vps is Forexvps. I need Your help. Rogelio hi, thanks for the help. What should I set the robot lot size as?

I downloaded and installed forex overdrive last week. I have the smiley face on chart and shows licence as approved.

Do I need to change the settings? Sorry… forget my comment I see what happened… -7, A lot of loss???? When I look at the expert advisors the fxOverDrive is grey, and when I attach it to the chart as per the instructions I get the smiley face but it tells me I have a demo license. I purchased the EA and running it on a demo account. The same happened to me.

One weak back i purchased I am using this in Alpari Live Account. This has given me 9. Overall Rating is Good. This EA never trade at all.

The Support are not helpful and basically the EA is not working at all. I opened real account at alpari uk, but the real account opened positon different as the demo account.

Its working on live account? On demo account trades was very good. Did you manually close them? Currently i am dealing with this task too ,so we could share some experience. Not the demo account you have posted. I have used this software in fxpro ended up in loss of USD. When i requested for a refund the support team requested me to open an account this thinkforex. I try together OverDrive and Forex Hacked.

Together they add a gain of They must havent together problems when working in the same platform and even trading in the same pair of currencie, for the magic number to identify what specific robot its sending an order to a currencie pair shared. Juan, are you using overdrive and forex hacked together in a live account and how do you combine both together to get your results.

I guess I am confused how you do both at the same time. What settings are using for the two? Hi Juan, Am a newbie. I see the smilie face, the data on Top Left of the screen seems normal.

No Trade has been done so far. It has been a month now. Since u are using this EA, I wanted to seek ur help. My experiencie with OverDrive: Juan, with the demo running good profits are going to increase your margin money with prospects of increased profits Dwight. First, I run OverDrive in a demo account with excelent performance. Now I am working in a real account with the settings that you see above.

Admin, any updates on tweaking the settings for this robot?


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