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Itfx forex broker

Top 10 Best Forex Brokers in The World for 2017

Itfx forex broker. FXCH Forex Broker — Forex broker information for FXCH, find the latest trader's reviews for FXCH, get the details and information about advantages and disadvantages of this Forex broker. I selected FXCH, ITFX, Tadawul,, FXCM, FXDD, FXPro, IBFX, Alpari UK. With deposite USD10, after 1 month.

Itfx forex broker

All reviews represent only their author's opinion, which is not necessarily based on the real facts. I have recently opened my account and wanted to transfer funds to start trading. After reviewing these comments, I am confused to decide. I don't know should I start or not. The writer represents InvestTechFX and its principals. We have researched and note your complaints against InvestTechFX.

You have a part of the story and my clients have their part which they will publicize if you do not apologize for the contents of your blogged correspondences. Your insults about their professional integrity and their business ethics will not go unanswered.

You verbally and in writing confirmed that my clients should close all of your open positions. If all statements are not dropped by you on the websites and a letter of apology posted, then my clients will initiate a libel and slander action against you without any further notice to you.

We expect an unequivocal apology and assurance from you that your actions will cease and that you regret the action you have taken to date. My clients are always ready, willing and able to review your account with you in a businesslike manner with or without counsel.

ITFX has given me a lot of bull about closing and refunding money. So far, I have eleven complaints that are about to be filed with over a dozen agencies or review services.

They refunded me a portion of my money, then took back some of the bonus incentives they used to bribe me to open an account. SCAM is an understatement. I opened the account in October and asked for the removal in January I still used the again asked to keep my money until the end of I'm currently managing only gains I'll try to keep the promise not to withdraw from this account until the end of the year I will try to pick up in January of I emailed them three times and asked them to close my account and send the rest of my balance to my paypal account, but after two weeks I didn't get any answer from them.

At last I went to my paypal account and I clicked on "Request Money" button and send my request from there, and also I insert a note for paypal that "I have sent three email to Investtechfx but they didn't answer me so I am trying this time from my paypal account". Believe it or not in less than 48 hours they answered me and they send my money to my paypal account, so I suggest everybody to do the same like me, go to your paypal account and click on "Request Money" button, also make sure to write a note for paypal, they should know about Investtechfx.

And also I did file a complaint against Investtechfx to cftc. I don't know why this site is even posting anything to do with this scam. They are anything but legit. Try getting your money back the have a day wating clause before you can ask for your money Overall theyve been good to trade with. My experience with investtechfx has been terrible in the past. Please if u have any common sense at all, don't put your money with investtechfx because they are not a regulated forex broker and their business practices are unethical.

At the beginning of last week we asked to close and withdraw our funds from his account, he studied hard, worked hard, gained a profit from his inital 2K to a little over 5K. As I privately researched to the wee hours of the am, I decided to punch in the phone no. If our money is not in the account by tomorrow as repeatedly promised, we are not afraid to take it to the press, and expose them, if they truly are the fraud it is beginning to feel like they are, when you read the reviews, we are not the only ones concerned, anyone else debating a move with any of these companies InvesttechFX, Investech, ITFX, pls I do not understand we have to do this check or that check, they never had to do that when they happily took my husbands money that he had to work so hard to obtain in the first place.

My moral of this story, study hard for a good broker, people as a rule do not write nasty stuff without some good reason, ask tons of questions, every claim they make to belong to a company ie CDIC follow it up to be SURE, if you do go with ITFX keep every shred of paper and every call documented or recorded you may need it. Will keep you posted, as for us, if it does not come thru, we will be going public.

Those affiliates have their own independent business practices and websites which their customers are advised to adhere to. This is their new website: This website was registered three months ago.

And its name is also ITFX! You can find that its trading condition is exactly the same as InvestTechFX!!! The content of webpage http: If you want to withdraw the profit with part of your deposit, you will get nothing except all kinds of excuses that don't allow you to withdraw. My three friends and I are all cheated by them.

We can provide all the evidence including emails, online chats, and all the histories of trading orders. Don't believe so-called VIP account. They cheat you to trade for fully one year and claim that you can withdraw after one year.

But when my friend requested withdraw after one year trading, they unexpectedly found other reason to renew the VIP account for another year and didn't give him any real money!!! In short, you never could withdraw any profit from them! ITFX is really a bullshit!!! Please disable AdBlock or whitelist EarnForex. Founded in Offices in Canada. MetaTrader 4 MetaTrader 5. Show currency pairs Hide currency pairs. Email Phone Web form. Hedging Overnight interest rates swaps Browser-based platform Automated trading.

Trading instruments Forex 1: Show history Hide history. Hedging Overnight interest rates swaps Trailing stop Pending orders One-click trading Mobile trading Automated trading.

Reviews 86 reviews of InvestTechFX are presented here. Bulbul Jan , Pakistan. Tuesday, September 4, I ask them to close my account and I have wrote a dozen of e-mails to Investtech but no reply.

Wednesday, December 14, We anticipate your immediate response. S - Barrister and Solicitor. Saturday, November 12, Monday, October 31, Good trading to all. Thursday, October 20, My brother and I also were under fraud by Investtechfx.

Thursday, September 8, That's all about InvestTechFX Jae William , canada. Wednesday, August 3, Nevil Brown , Jamaica. What is really going on the invest tech fx are they scammers or just thieves? Hans Fritzmann , Germany. Very satisfied, with Invest Tech FX. The trading bonus has helpped me very much.

Nice staff, I long term trader good leverage and excellent on metatrader. Thursday, March 24, Wednesday, March 9, Monday, January 31, Thursday, January 27, Anyone who makes money and take out the profit, show us your proof!


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