Optionbit trading reviews. OptionBit Scam Inspection. If you are considering trading binary options you must always be aware that in this extremely competitive industry, not all brokerages are fully legitimate. Choosing a broker is just like choosing a bank; it must be trustworthy, reputable and efficient in order ensure the safety of your.

Optionbit trading reviews

OptionBit Review

Optionbit trading reviews. This broker believes in keeping trading simple which is never a bad thing in some circumstances. They use a software program called Tradelogic to build their website; it is not as popular as web platform software like SpotOption or binary option robot, but it does not have a lot of.

Optionbit trading reviews

Related websites include optionstars. I had to listen to those who were telling "optionbit is a scam". Here is the official communication from CySEC on It seems also they are trying to shift the name from Optionbit to Optiondot, check optiondot. Issue escalated to Traders Court Moraks vs optionbit. Immediately I noticed, i made sure i didnt take any trade until the bonus was removed and I told them that I do not want any bonus in future.

I was really shocked and amazed by this action from this broker. I sent an email to them to remove the bonus which they did the same day but they placed restriction on my account and made sure that I could not make any withdrawal. I spoke with account manager named Adam Jones and he kept saying that I accepted bonus even though I have emails from them acknowledging that I refused their offers. He kept insisting that I used Digital strategies trades with expiry time.

I tried checking it out and I noticed that the price of the market has been manipulated and there was no way I could trade without incurring losses. I have attached screenshots of two different accounts my account and a new account that i signed up again.

You will be able to see that the market has been manipulated and set so that I would always lose my trades. I am currently trying to terminate my account and withdraw my funds but am not getting any response from them.

I just found out there is a large pipdifference on their platform. I made a printcreen of it. I had a position open which indicated current price. As it was in loss, I wanted to put a turbo in. I found out that the actual rate on the turbo, had a 20 p difference with the actual rate on the open position. I refreshed several time to see, if it would be gone, but still there after the 3rd refresh. What can I say more I have tried to communicate with them on numerous occasion with no success and hope you could convince them to send me my hard earn winnings please, Thanks DoloresM Review Moderation Team Note: This is a real scam.

The force you to deposit and tell you that they will give you VIP trades and then they tell you what to do and all the trades is loosing trades. Any idea how to get my money back. Scam, stay away from them. I have an account at Optionstars. While i request an withdrawing. This Broker company don't allow me to do it and today i found that my account manager make many trade within one hour just to lose my money.

I have the prove with me now. I'm a victim of the Optionbit. After 2 very success trading, my account balance was AUD, and the turnover I have traded fulfilled the requirement for withdraw fund. I have submitted a withdrawal request for AUD, but they decided to close my trading account and transferred They told me that I have used abusive trading patterns, so they took almost AUD from my account.

I have never used abusive trading patterns never use any kind of robots, trading systems as they told me. I have sent them emails to give me proof of using abusive trading patterns, but they never reply to me.

Please help me to get my money back from them Thank you Nguyen. They have also removed the Bonus I received from them without any possibilites of getting it back and am now forced to round turn USD in order to receive any of the profits I have made trading with them. This has really been a lesson learned not to trust an unknown company with my money. They basically force you round turn a huge amount of money if you want to withdraw any profits if you dont meet their requirements of minimum round turns they wont let you withdraw any gains you have made on your account.

Stay away from them! Optionbit is great binary options Broker. Optionbit have great support and I made Deposit with Bankwire and after 3 days I could beginn Trading. The Plattform is very easy to use. Live discussion Join live discussion of OptionBit. Video Your company video here? Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided.


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