Ozforex travel card currencies. Do you have an OzForex Prepaid Travel Card? The card is being withdrawn and will no longer exist after the 30th November The below link takes you to the relevant OzForex website page containing the information you need to cash out your balance before the closure date.

Ozforex travel card currencies

Money Transfer from India/Travel Card/Multi Currency Travel Card

Ozforex travel card currencies. The exchange rates on offer with travel money cards are pretty ordinary, but there may be an argument for locking in a comparatively favourable official exchange rate, wearing the margin, and ending up in a good place should the exchange rate for the currency in question become less favourable while  ‎Bank card vs travel card · ‎couple of standout travel · ‎Our full travel money card.

Ozforex travel card currencies

Was this review helpful? Hi Bardon, our apologies for all the trouble you've gone through. We'd be happy to escalate this for you.

Please send your best contact details and review to marketing ozforex. Hi Kenobi, our apologies for all the trouble you've gone through. Hi, our apologies for all the trouble you've gone through. What kind of company responds to a service and product complaint with an "email our marketing team" response? Untrue Value Solar posted on Oct 21, Still waiting for my transfer you muppets!! Your overseas call centre keeps feeding me lies. Seriously the worst company ever. Untrue Value Solar posted on Oct 31, We take this matter very seriously.

Please send your best contact details and a short description of the issue to marketing ozforex. Finally had money refunded after a few blunt emails. All responses through macquarie are very slow - 7weeks to get some money transferred. They have a bit to learn about customer service.

Iggy Pop posted on Oct 21, Hi Sydney, thank you for taking your time and leaving us a review. We'd be happy to have a look into why there may be a delay in your transfer. If you could send your best contact details to marketing ozforex.

A short description of the issue? The full description was not sufficient? Yes, I can see that you really do take this matter very seriously. OK, here is my short description: I was OzForexed over! Ozabroad posted on Oct 02, Hi Vee, thank you for taking your time and leaving us a review. Hi Peter, thanks for sharing your experience. Please send your best contact details to marketing ozforex. Hi Rod, sorry to hear about your experience. Hi Debbie, sorry to hear about your experience.

Hi Michelle, sorry to hear about your experience. If you have any other questions in future please send your best contact details to marketing ozforex.

It has been almost a month since I wrote this review and received your above mentioned response. In the meantime, I contacted your customer relations department phone number supplied by the Finan Michelle S posted on Sep 21, Cbcrg asked on Sep 28, Think Macquarie bank are introducing their own travel card. Robyn G replied on Sep 29, Doug S asked on Jun 12, Hi Doug, sorry to hear about this, we take these matters very seriously. Can you please email us your contact details to: OFX replied on Jun 15, Doug You have read my review.

I still havent had my stolen funds returned and this is day 76 since I lodged dispute. I was also told 6 to 8 weeks. The marketing department advises you above that they take this seriously. Well I too take being told weeks very seriously indeed. Hi Ozforex Official, Thank you for making contact, I have responded with my contact details to marketing ozforex.

We however have embraced this modern technology and over the years only had one other unauthorized transaction on a credit card which the BANK investigated and refunded very promptly. Due to this event with Ozforex we have lost all confidence in your security system as the card number used on all the unauthorized transactions was the spare card that you provided, which we have never used and this is supported by the fact that the only time this card number appears on a transaction history report is for the unauthorized transactions.

As a result of this, we now have doubts regarding the security of online Banking in general. The response we got when we called the phone number on the back of our card was extremely disappointing, I assume the call went to an overseas call centre as there was a time delay in the conversation with a very hard to understand foreign person.

Doug S replied on Jun 16, Brett Wallsend the 2nd asked on May 29, Well Brett, unfortunately it's not good news. The PDF states 6 to 8 weeks or 45 days. Call centre personnel also states this. This is far from the truth in my situation and another customer Alex. Only received part of the refund this week. I advised the call centre of this fraud on 12th april. Oz forex did not advised mastercard of the fraud until 14 may. Mastercard have 45 day to respond of charge back from the 14th may. I have asked oz forex a number of times to clarify all of this for over one month and only got the answers this week.

They have the worst customer service I have come across, with next to no communication. For weeks I have been asking for updates with my response being , its at disputes. For the fact it took them over one month for desputes to look into this and then advise mastercard, just shows they were in on hurry to get this matter sorted.

I also spoke to a gentleman at McQuarie bank, he stated it should only take 2 weeks for desputes to look into fraud. All 3 oz forex customers on this product review site have or will be closing our oz forex accounts as soon as we have all our money returned. I would not recommend this card. I have since looked into other travel cards and the exchange rates are very similar. Good luck with your decision.

Isn't it funny how nobody from ozforex travel card will answer these questions of how long does it really take for resolution. Suggest you read the reviews. Performance self evident, care factor zero. OzForex Prepaid Travel Card.

Write a review Ask a question. Your trust is our top concern. Companies can't alter or remove reviews from ProductReview. Not a good card. Yep I have had my money taken and my cards were secure. I got the 6- 8 weeks advice. But the looks of reviews on this site the bank treats some customers really well in 5 days and others very poorly.

Write a review on ProductReview. I arranged for the transfer and was told business days. Despite three complaints I was told I have to wait for the full 21 days i.

How does it take 21 business days to close? Like the many reviewers here under I too am about to be ripped off by this mob. Macquarie Bank do you have no shame?

I have paid many thousands of dollars into my Macquarie Bank Ozforex travel card. We must all go to the media traditional and social about this. The dispute resolution mechanisms provided by Ozforex and the Financial Ombudsman which is funded by the banks are not worth the trouble. I would bet London to a brick that the Ozforex officer who SEEMS to be answering the complaints raised in this forum will very soon disappear.

There is a very good story here. Try your local papers or talk back radio. Most ABC radio stations have a weekly consumer affairs programme that takes complaints on air. An email or two to your local member s of Parliament would not go astray either. In your correspondence with the media make sure you refer at least once to the Macquarie Bank.


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