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Super robot forex



Super robot forex

Trading is done fully automatically by intelligent trading robots. Our team will preinstall your trading platform with trading robots ready for the trading process. You get full access to the trading robots and have full control over your trading account and trading robots. You set the risk per trade and can see and control each and every single trade robots take. We believe that the only way you can be a successful 'Robot Trader' is if you understand how the robots trade.

For this reason, we openly share our robot trading strategies so you can learn as you trade with our robots. We've built a diversified trading robot portfolio with four unique trading strategies. This means you can spread the risk and the opportunity and consistently achieve excellent returns in any market phase. Our trading experts monitor the markets and trading robots every day. Regularly reviewing and adjusting the systems to continuously deliver peak performance.

You will always get the up-to-date trading system for the current market conditions. Satoshi is our group leader. Satoshi deals mainly with the Daily chart, splitting his trade orders into 3 parts to attain maximum income from the markets. Gunner is a hotshot. Gunner is the robot that will trade against market trends, but since 80 percent of his trades are correct, nobody will argue with him. Gunner trades from the Weekly chart and only on Mondays. He takes the rest of the week off.

Fey is our special Robot. She is bright and unique trading robot. She practices astro-trading, the practice relating the movements of celestial bodies to events in financial markets. Astro-trading was made popular by Wall street wizard - W. Fey has taken W. Gann trading strategies and automated them with great success. Cable robot is our most active trading robot.

This allows you to be in full control and grow your account slowly over time as you build confidence trading with the robots. You can control the risk and adjust it to your risk tolerance. Our trading experts monitor the markets and robots every day.

Regularly updating the trading robots to keep up with the changing markets. You always will get the most up to date robots for the peak performance. Our team of experts will install your trading platform and get the robots ready for trading.

You just log in to your trading account, set the risk per trade and hit the Auto-trading button. You will see every single trade robots take. You get full unlimited access to our servers and robots. You can go straight to Live trading or test it out on a demo account first if you wish. Try and make sure the robots work for you, if this is not for you - you can cancel your membership within Days of signing up you will not be charged a thing.

You can cancel your membership directly from our member's area so you will not even need to contact us. This is where Evestin VPS comes in. Reason 1 - Solid Trading Strategy We use real life well-proven trading strategies with a solid edge.

Unlike other robot developers, we did not use the past price action to create our trading systems. All our trading strategies have been traded by many professional traders for many years well before Evestin Forex. All we have done is automated these well-proven trading strategies so everyone can use them. Reason 2 - Professional risk management system. We put a large focus on Risk control. We trade for the long-term growth, not a quick profit. We don't use high leverage or high-risk strategies like the martingale.

Reason 3 - Multiple Systems We use multiple trading strategies in a single portfolio to spread the risk and opportunity, this way we can constantly achieve the excellent trade results regardless of the market conditions.

Reason 4 - Keep Developing We're regularly updating the trading systems with new ideas to keep up with the ever changing markets. Reason 5 - Out-Of-Sample testing We run our robots in multiple markets with the same settings so they are never curve-fitted to a specific past data. This means that our robots and very robust and continue to work in new unpredictable, Live markets. While other robots who are curve-fitted to specify past price fail miserably as soon as they are traded in a Live market.

While manual trading still has its place, the future belongs to automated trading. Reason 1 - Gives confidence in trading strategy Since you can run very detailed backtests for your trading strategy any guess work has been taken out of trading. You can fully rely your trading decisions on probabilities and statistics. Reason 3 - Promotes discipline A trading robot will do exactly as it was coded to do and will not deviate from your trading rules or risk parameters.

A robot will never get tired or need a vacation. Reason 5 - Double, triple or quadruple your trading income. With manual trading, you can at best trade one trading strategy profitably.

No, we're NOT account copy or signal service. We provide everything you need to be a successful robot trader yourself. We give you full access to the robots, explain the robot trading strategies and show you all the settings we use, provide the VPS, do regular system updates to keep up with the market, track your progress and provide ongoing education about robot trading.

Our policy is - "Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn. See our recommended brokers here. It is not recommended to trade with brokers we have not tested our systems with. For this reason, there can be different trades between different brokers. If you want to get the same trades use our recommended brokers If you have an exsting broker you would like us to test please contact us. Standard Evestin Forex membership allows you to trade one MT4 trading platform and one Live or demo account at the one time.

Additional licences can be purchased for reduced fee. Our robots trade multiple trading strategies in a single portfolio. Yes, of course, you have full control of the robots and your trade account. Our recommendation is to risk 0. We average one trade per day, but can easily go a full week without a trade. It is all depended from the markets. For us, less is definitely more.

Our robots only trade the high probability setups. No, your robots will come preset with the recommended settings and should not be changed.

The only setting that you should change is the risk setting according to your own risk tolerance. Automated trading systems with character. Welcome to the New world of Robot trading! Learn as you trade We believe that the only way you can be a successful 'Robot Trader' is if you understand how the robots trade.

Best Forex robots are ones who work in a team. FEY Fey is our special Robot. By working closely together, we can make money in any market condition - trendy or range bound, rising or falling markets.

If one of us falls down, the rest of the team rally to electrify the group and to work together again. Please check your inbox for the latest trade results. What our customers say about our trading robots.

Trading with robots promotes discipline, removes emotions and gives confidence in your trading by eliminating guess work.

You will become a better trader by trading with robots. Portfolio of 4 Amazing trading robots. Professional risk management system. Everything set up ready to go. We openly share our robot trading strategies so you can learn as you trade.

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