Trading forex in thailand. Are there any Traders living in Bangkok Thailand? I am from New Zealand, yet living in Bangkok It would be nice to meet, exchange information etc.

Trading forex in thailand

FXTM - Learn how to trade forex using MT4 - THAI

Trading forex in thailand. Unlike in India (which has heavily influenced Thailand), forex trading has never been illegal in the so called “Land of smiles”. However, the two countries share some similarities. While Indians are not allowed to transfer money to a forex trading account with a broker abroad, Thais are not allowed to conduct transactions.

Trading forex in thailand

By Lorin , September 9, in Jobs, economy, banking, business, investments. Been asked by a friend from outside Thailand that want to open a branch of his Forex brokerage, what the legality of Forex trading in Thailand? I am not talking about trading online with your own account, I am talking about corporate set up with money going through Thai bank account. Internet is mute on the issue, so help and information will be appreciated. Hi, If I understand your question correctly then the place to check would probably be the Thailand Securities Institute http: I would think you would almost certainly have to be licensed..

If the transaction involves Thai Baht which it would do, when involving Thai domestic bank accounts , then it is illegal, since all speculation in the Thai Baht is illegal in Thailand. It is also illegal to write forward contracts on the Thai Baht, unless there is an actual physical transaction in good or services to back the contract. How those "speculations" are different from what companies like Super rich doing? Changing Thai baht to other currencies with rates other than banks or government?

Speculators try to make money on buying and selling currencies, where Super Rich is offering a currency exchange service. They deal in much smaller figures than speculaters, and they have to report all their transactions. If someone in the BoT or the government believe that they are servicing speculators, they will be shut down.

No one will prevent you from exchanging a few hundred thousand back and forth, but big amounts will be hard since eventually it's illegal. And if the authorities believe you are offering a broker service, you won't get a permit!

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