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An outcome is a benefit experienced as a result of services and supports provided for a child and their family. The effectiveness of any program requires knowing if children are making progress and if the services and strategies utilized are making a difference and improving outcomes for children and their families.

Organized in a table format with assessment areas assigned to each outcome, they provide a visual depiction of coverage. By showing how an assessment tool covers each of the three outcome areas, the crosswalks are meant to help states, programs, and providers see the extent of information available in an outcome area from a given assessment tool. Feedback needed-Complete our user survey!

Home New to EI? Early Childhood Outcomes An outcome is a benefit experienced as a result of services and supports provided for a child and their family.

Overview of Early Childhood Outcomes: Provides guidance on the process for collecting and reporting child outcome data for children in PA early intervention program. This document provides a variety of frequently asked questions and responses related to ECO data, particularly rationale for measuring child outcomes, procedures and timelines for collecting data, determining responsibility for collecting ECO data, determining child outcome ratings, and collecting ECO data during transitions.

In addition, an interactive job aid is available. This version of the ECO job aid is intended for audiences who are new to Early Childhood Outcomes or who need a certificate of completion. It will not give you a certificate. If you need a certificate, look for ECO job aid certificate version. This document provides a list of national and state resources that can be used to help local program analyze their ECO data.

This document contains 3 tables. The third table presents combinations of entrance and exit ratings that are impossible and provides explanations for why. In addition, an interactive job aid walks you through all the steps of the Decision Tree.

This is one of two forms that may be used for documenting the ECO rating determined for an individual child. Check with your local early intervention program to determine which form you should use. The information provided in this power point will provide some background information on ECO data collection and strategies for ensuring the data entered is accurate and valid. PA approved assessment tools can be found at this link. Authentic assessment external link.

The ECO crosswalks display how content on a given assessment instrument is related to each of the three child outcomes.


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