Crisis killer forex review. Read my review of crisis killer, Is this software actually designed to lose money? I believe it is and think it is a scam.

Crisis killer forex review

Crisis Killer Review - Don't Go Any Further Until You Watch This

Crisis killer forex review. Product Name: Crisis Killer. Product Owner: “Tom”. Advertised Price: “Free”. Real Price: Account Funding, $$'s. Rating: Scam! What Is It? Forex trading robot. Short Review. This is an unbelievably ridiculous video and sales pitch, followed by a website with coding errors. People who use it report making money in.

Crisis killer forex review

Sorry for no communication last month! These are the results of the latest optimized version of CrisisKiller v1. It has been modified to be safer during trading, in comparison to the original first version. A summary of the content in this link is detailed below:. I have prepared a great upgrade for the Crisis Killer software! It would appear our initial thoughts and discussions were correct in that it may well require a larger bank to handle the draw down. If I hear anything else or manage to get it going on Demo I will let you know.

I learnt toady that Crisis Killer recommends if you double your bank you should stop, withdraw your fundsand start again. There are a few observations just my opinion I would make having traded Crisis Killer for the first time:. I have been in contact with Crisis Killer support today who have confirmed that it would be best to trade on just 1 paring for now as I am trading with a small bank and that you should withdraw your profits if you double your money.

They said that they will be updating their material regarding withdrawing profits and trading on 1 or both currency pairs. If you need technical support their e-mail address is techsupport crisiskiller. They are also working on making Crisis Killer available to test with a Demo account, although a timescale is not yet known. Having doubled my bank I should have withdrew the profits and started again.

So next time I will be trading just 1 paring to ensure Crisis Killer has more equity and margin to do its thing.

Anyway whether you decide to give Crisis Killer a go or not I hope my site has helped give you some insight into the Crisis Killer forex robot and my first experience. As usual I have posted a screen shot of my actual trading account so you can tack my daily profit progress. You can find this on the main menu My Crisis Killer Results. For those of you who are new to Forex. The market closes at Have a great weekend and I will be back next week. What can I say, I am lost for words.

As I tracked it throughout the day the profits just grew and grew. I know that we had big GBP announcements in the morning and the markets reacted with some big movements. For the Crisis Killer Forex robot to make such gains in such volatile market conditions as yesterday I find……. I set out to independently test the Crisis Killer Forex bot and that is exactly what I have done.

At the moment I could not be happier with the results, however I am a realist and yesterday could not have been a normal day and of course there have to be losses along the way. We will see what happens. That being said, I am so pleased I took decided to take the plunge and buy Crisis Killer…. I will post a screen shot of my actual trading account daily so you can tack my profit progress. Wow, its only day 2 into our Crisis Killer Test and already we have a profit of I have requested from them a running total daily statement which would be more useful for our purposes.

I am very happy to report that my first day trading is complete. I have posted yesterdays screen shot results already. The Crisis Killer is Forex bot that will trade constantly from when the markets open at Ok, so we have heard all the hype. Well, we will see. So that everyone can see my Crisis Killer Results LIVE daily I will post a copy of my trading report online daily for you all to see, so watch out for my first results tomorrow.

If you have any comments on my Crisis Killer Review and Test please feel free to send me a message using the comments box below. As you may know Crisis Killer generated huge impact from the media as a young programmer from Austria doubled , EUR with it in less than 2 months. Statements and bank accounts prove the claims. To silence the sceptics the Austrian programmer now identified as Thomas Losch invites everyone aboard at virtually zero start-up costs.

A few people had the chance to look at the code and the inner workings of the bot. I have registered and I have my broker account all set up. I now have to deposit my initial funds. A young programmer from Austria named Thomas L. Did you ever witness something like that? Anyone game to double money within a few months? Go and see for yourself, watch how he did it the first time and have a look how he repeats it now! Well I would like to test it for myself thanks. Word is that he documented everything on video including deposit and withdrawal and has signed copies of the brokerage confirming the claims.

Have not seen any proof of this and I remain sceptical. Is it a scam? I hope you find my website helpful and informative.

NEW Crisis Killer v1. His EA Launched 9th July My test starts 15th July. A summary of the content in this link is detailed below: Here is how to get an update! Full detailed instructions are here xxxxxxxxxx These are the results of the latest optimized version of CrisisKiller v1. Trading Foreign Exchange on margin carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

The possibility exists that you could lose more than your initial deposit. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Do not place trades based on any trading discussions or decisions detailed anywhere on this site. I am new to Forex trading and accept no responsibility for any trades you may make or losses you may incur.

You place trades at your own risk. There are a few observations just my opinion I would make having traded Crisis Killer for the first time: I found this very useful. Crisis Killer trades on 2 major currency parings: You can choose to trade on one or both currency parings. I wonder if trading on a single pairing would be less risky as it would use less equity and give the trade greater room to breath with a small trading bank?

Food for thought for next time. Remember this is not a savings plan you are gambling and you trade at your own risk. Anyway I hope this helps.

I will report on the Day 5 results over the weekend. You will see my Facebook and Twitter links on the botton right of your screen. My Crisis Killer Forex Testing starts today. We are up and running and Crisis Killer started trading this morning.

Crisis Killer first reviews are in. Never before has someone showed as much documented proof as this guy Tomas L before. The fact is, risking , EUR in Forex takes some serious nerve.. I am onboard after all the cost is pretty much nonexistent. The question is, are you? Cheers, Rich E PS: Crisis Killer Launch Day today 9th July He even posted a brokerage signed documents were the brokerage testifies receipt of , EUR.

Crisis Killer doubles , USD on video. I keep you updated! Suggested by some as the Untimate Forex Robot. Recent Posts Crisis Killer v1. Risk Statement and Disclaimer Risk Statement: The Crisis Killer Chat Room, Crisis Killer Forum and any discussions therein must not be interpreted as either financial or trading advice.

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