Forex cantata. distributors of the Forex Cantata EA and this information harmless in any and all ways. Please familiarize yourself with the method by which lot sizes are calculated. It is vitally important that you do not exceed the recommended lot size in relationship to your balance. There is no system of Forex trading that is guaranteed to.

Forex cantata

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Forex cantata

Have you seen our live tests page? Please login or register. Home Forum Help Login Register. Ash Full Member Posts: Hello traders, Can anyone please provide me with an explanation of the differences between Forex Cantata and Robominer?

Will the old Robominer trades in draw down be managed by cantata? Also, what is the difference in trading style and risk? I look forward to your input and discussion. Hi Ash, Forex Cantana is a martingale ea. I would run away from it as fast as I could. I can only think of sad thing about Robominer. Ash on January 04, , Gap Magic seems good, I will be demoing it this Sunday. Well the forward tests look really good for Cantata What is the methodology behind the Cantata trading system?

It seems that there is no stop loss however, I see many trades closed with a small loss. The forward tests look really good, I cannot work this out!

Look for a full description of Cantata and Pipstrider at the forexgoldmine site. Though it uses a Martingale strategy, at the recommended settings it's very safe. It works with no stoploss, but with TP. This is inherent to Martingale systems, which open trade sequences in both directions, sarting with a very low volume and doubling lotsize for any new opened position, adjusting TP closer and closer to the last opening price, so a little retracement in price will close the whole trade sequence at a profit, or if things go really bad, at a little loss.

Then, it will start over again with the lowest specified "base lots". That is why you see many litle losing trades and a few bigger winning trades that make up for the losing trades. With a stoploss you would be certainly nearly always losing with this technique, it makes no sense.

If you don't overleverage yourself, it is a consistent way of increasing your equity much faster than with Robominer, and with less drawdown. Yes, it looks great Thank you for your detailed response.

Do you think this is a good idea? I've also swaped the Robominer license for Cantata EA. I think they are releasing a 50 pip version to reduce DD. However, their coding team is really strong! Basically, if it can't retain or make more profit it stops i. Therefore, it's a really safe if not the safest martingale system you can use.

Very few cycles suffer any loss. I recommend you let it place buy and sell trades. So, that it can do what it does etc. However, having seen MyFxBook stats.

Thanks to you for the information. XeroFX on February 10, , Kaylan Full Member Posts: Looking good so far, but will need many months of demo trading before I take it any further. February 17, , Kaylan Nil illegitimo in desperandum carborundum. Kaylan on February 17, , Just an update guys Cantata is working beautifully! The martingale disrupter is a great add-on and I have seen it work it's magic to prevent the the EA from overusing the martingale feature.

How can any broker steal your money, even regulated ones by Mirza Qasim [ Yesterday at Whom did you want to be in childhood? Profiforex by Benjamin7 [ Yesterday at Bitcoin Discussion by Eliza Abrams [ Yesterday at List of brokers to avoid as a newbie; by Eliza Abrams [ Yesterday at January 04, , Logged puntalara Full Member Posts: There is a thread here on this forum for PipStrider, I don't think it trades like Robominer, but I don't use it so don't know much about it.

Logged daytrader Full Member Posts: January 05, , January 08, , Logged chk56 Full Member Posts: Logged Ash Full Member Posts: February 10, , Logged Kaylan Full Member Posts: While I was praising the glories of gridtrading, I mentioned 'Pipstrider' as a good example.

Well, 'Cantata' is nothing but a limited version of 'Pipstrider'. So, I think you will be doing very well with this one. Thanks I hope so too just a little concerned re the martingale but will see how the demo runs. March 24, , Donna's Blog Analysing trades:


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