Forex freedom indicator review. You're in the best place if you might have come searching for free downloadable MTF Forex freedom Bar v2 Forex Indicator. Now, you can avail MTF Forex freedom Bar v2 indicator mq4 for Metatrader 4 or Metatrader 5 for free. Simply because it has been shown and also tested that this indicator matches best for.

Forex freedom indicator review

MTF Forex freedom Bar Forex MT4 Indicator

Forex freedom indicator review. this indicator consists of four bars as shown in the attachment picture, you can only sell when all bars are red, buy when all bars are blue.

Forex freedom indicator review

Oct 7, 1: This review looks into a combo trading system known as Forex Freedom System. The package is a combination of one manual trading strategy, one semi-automated signal application and one fully-automated trading software. This developer thinks that they got the secret to making consistent Forex profits every week. This is according to their sales page which clearly indicates that this developer is somehow believing in their product or at least creating the impression that they do believe in what they are selling.

The name of this developer is Mike Newton. Mike has created other trading systems as well. Windsor Forex is just one of his many creations.

This is located out of the United Kingdom. Mike has also created an avenue through which clients can contact him through his site. There is a contact form right below the sales page. Mike says that the Forex Freedom System is as a result of 5 years of testing a trading program in both calm and erratic Forex market. This claim supposedly gives Mike the authority to say that Forex Freedom System has been in use for the last 5 years, and that there are currently over 26 million traders using this system.

Well, we can say that this number is quite ridiculous. The transparency of this developer should definitely be questioned because we have never found a single Forex robot that has such a large user base. Other than using ridiculous numbers to promote this software, we also discovered discrepancies elsewhere.

Now, looking elsewhere on the site, we find that Mike is all a sudden introducing himself as Jeremy Goodman, a year trading veteran who is looking to pass his skills to random people on the internet who will buy his products.

We must admit that we never like the idea of using pen names when selling investment products on the internet. It erodes trust in some clients who might even use it as a basis for boycotting that particular product.

Some traders have also been known to ignore all products that are not associated with a developer who has an established brand and name.

Therefore, by using pen names or not being consistent with his identity, Mike is risking this unfortunate scenario. We have just mentioned that Forex Freedom System is a combination of 3 trading systems.

The strategy used in this product is called Reverse signal exit. It can trade on both the 1h and 4h time frames respectively. In addition to this, Forex Freedom System trades a number of major pairs in the Forex market. If you consider those numbers, you realize that this is a drastic reduction in value as far as pricing is concerned.

This is not realistic. Also, you need to remember that some developers generally use this tactic to make it look as if their products are of quality when that may not be the case at all. Trading result is the ultimate litmus test for any developer who claims to have a revolutionary trading system that can consistent put money in your bank account. Are we going to subject Forex Freedom System to this litmus test? There is no way we will end a review without telling you what we did or experienced in the process of crafting a review.

First of all, we see on the sales page that Forex Freedom System has a win rate of We are not sure if win rate is still relevant when speaking the language of expert advisors. Traders generally go for return on investment as opposed to win rate.

This metric is not necessary at this point in time. However, since it was mentioned on the sales page, we need to talk about it a little bit. This brings us to their alleged trading results. These are rather strange so to speak. The first thing we realize here is that there is no myfxbook or FXblue results. Instead, we have results that were consolidated into some sort of a portfolio performance report and presented as evidence that Forex Freedom System is a high performance trading system.

As you can see, the only results provided here start in April and end in September Do you think those results are encouraging? Do you think a trader who is seriously looking for a good Forex software to use can get convinced with those results? In short, this developer has never bothered to provide prospective clients with results for the last 2 years. They are clearly ignoring this critical issue while at the same time praying hard that it will slip under the carpet.

Therefore, this issue has to be investigated further. If Forex Freedom System really serves over 20 million traders, we do not see the need why they should not provide updated performance. There is no excuse at all. The truth is that we are not confident about this product. Apart from the shoddy results that we are presented with on the sales page, we feel that something is still lacking here.

Forex Freedom System does not have the oomph that usually come with modern expert advisors. The sales page is very simple to start with. We even wonder if this vendor was at all serious when using that theme to build a site. Honestly, we cannot believe that this product is used by some 26 million customers. Forex Freedom System does not qualify for a place in our list of recommended trading systems for While we do appreciate the way they give some information on this website, the lack of trading results is a thorn in the flesh.

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