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Forex man pinus


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Forex man pinus

Consequently, the ranges that are defined during this session are quite relevant when the second largest trading session, New York , begins. Since then the downtrend continued where it hit its lowest today since June — just under.

The trend is even more bearish than the already bearish channel depicted on the chart below in yellow see point 1 which had been the previous driver of the bearish trend, and is even widening to the down-side in its current bearish channel see short term bearish channel — point 2 in purple on chart below.

This steep trend within the widening bearish channel is similar to previous steep drops as can be seen on the additional weekly chart below.

Save time by using the PremiereTrade Software. Green you Buy, Red you sell. After bouncing from that support line to just under 1. While support is being tested on 1. Whereas, if support holds on 1. For now the trend seems bearish. Chart — The pound traded higher on a better than expected average earnings index. Today the pair hit the upside of the triangle and pushed slightly above its resistance line, although this could be a false-breakout as prices continue to consolidate towards the tip of the triangle as it completes forming the pattern.

A clear break-above the upper resistance line of the triangle pattern see chart below in yellow is bullish, whereas a break below the lower support line of the channel is bearish.

Earlier in London, UK inflation picked up for the first time since October. Sterling initially sold off following the release to the session low of 1. Point D is targeted by both the If valid, we should see price target fresh session lows. Key support will come from the day SMA which is trading around the 1.

If the pattern is invalidated and bullish momentum remains strong, further upside could target the May 21 st high of 1. If price breaks out above the 1. Last night, the New Zealand dollar tumbled after the Reserve Bank of oakley sunglasses cheap New Zealand unexpectedly cut rates for Oakleys sunglasses Outlet the first time in four years.

The central bank hinted that more cuts may be on the horizon and that exchange rate remains high. The 25 basis point cut took the official cash rate to 3. This erases the rate hike that took place in July The RBNZ also shifted their bias to neutral from hawkish and this could weigh on the kiwi in the short-term.

Early in New York, price has remained heavy and tentatively found support from the. If downward momentum returns, deeper support may come from. If this support level is reached and holds, we could see the formation of a bullish ABCD pattern that could support a brief rebound. If we do see a sustained recovery, major resistance will come from the day SMA, which is currently trading around the. Market consensus was for a rise of , jobs and for the unemployment rate to stay steady at 5.

Since we are close to the end of the trading week, we may see prices stay around these current levels. Next week, further upside may eventually target the handle but may have some difficulty breaking above the price barrier. To the downside, key support will come from the PremiereTrade AI Version 7. Learn more about this and the additional features. Learn about James E. Dicks, Founder of PremiereTrade and his over 10 year mission to share the advantages of FOREX trading and develop the best trading software on the market.

Trading in the Foreign Exchange market involves a significant and substantial risk of loss and may not be suitable for everyone.

You should carefully consider whether trading is suitable for you in light of your age, income, personal circumstances, trading knowledge, and financial resources. Only true risk capital should be used for trading in the Foreign Exchange market.

Any opinion, market analysis or other information of any kind contained in this web site and or any communication from PremiereTrade and or affiliates is subject to change at any time.

Nothing in this communication should be construed as a solicitation to trade in the Foreign Exchange market. If you are considering trading in the Foreign Exchange market before you trade make sure you understand how the spot market operates, and the risk involved. Posted by Marge Maresca on Wed, Jul 01, European Ranges — FX ranges since the European session began.

Posted by Steven Hatzakis on Tue, Jun 30, Pair dives deeper under bearish channel within steeper widening channel as.

Longer term Weekly Candle Chart: Posted by Steven Hatzakis on Thu, Jun 18, Below are examples of how to trade a bearish continuation or a bullish reversal: Posted by Chris Advincula on Thu, Jun 18, Posted by Marge Maresca on Wed, Jun 17, Going forward, we have the whole NCIS catalogue in our arsenal as well to sell and discussions are already replica oakleys underway to license that show later this year.

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Alexander uses DNA Authentic Jerseys Wholesale activation to connect you to your Higher self, wholesale jerseys by first clearing all of the highest priority energetic blockages auric attachments, karmic imprints, j seals, DNA http: Posted by Steven Hatzakis on Tue, Jun 16, Upside of triangle pattern tested as tip formation almost complete as prices consolidate before a breakout The daily candle chart below shows the price history of the Great British Pound GBP versus the Swiss Franc CHF.

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