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Forex secret library

The Truth About Forex Trading - 5 BIG SECRETS

Forex secret library. Pre-Trading System Actions: The concept of this trading system is based on Exponential Moving Averages (EMA), Chart Analysis/ Reading and Patience. My trading system could work perfectly well on all the currency pairs, but I focused mainly on GBP/JPY and EUR/GBP. When planning my trade in the Pre-Trading System.

Forex secret library

Have you seen our live tests page? Please login or register. Home Forum Help Login Register. Hello, I've been a member of The Trader's Secret Library for several months now and am so happy with all that I have learned over there I would highly recommend anyone to join up with them to learn more about Forex Trading I have also demoed the F9D1 system which using various indicators to indicate good trade opportunites and I have found this a good system to use - I tweaked it and added more indicators from what I learned from the D8D3 system They can be found at http: They are not accepting new members at this time, but you can enter your name and email address and they will contact you when they open up the Library again for new members I put my email in again and I think that The Trader's Secret Library is opening its doors again briefly on Tuesday, June 9th, so try and log in to sign up with them, but get in there early in the morning 9: Colleen My id over in that forum was radecd but is now changed to cd.

June 08, , This one looks real interesting. I'm always looking to improve my manual trading skills. I'll be checking this one out. You're very welcome Steve, I learned a lot of my manual trading skills here demoing the D8D3 and F9D1 manual trading systems I don't know what you mean by "D8D3" and "F9D1," but it sounds cool. I went to the site; unfortunately, no luck signing in. I guess I'll have to wait until something opens up. I received so many emails from so many sources about this I then logged out of my email and went to the actual website for the Surefire Trading Challenge and got the link there without the referral crap that goes on, my email had a clickbank reference attached to it so this is not that June 09, , I got the mail from FapTurbo about this and signed up.

Haven't heard about it before, but as always the numbers look amazing Basically the more I see it the less likely I am to buy it! Every day from these people for the last week! I didn't buy it the last time it came out because of this and will most likely pass this time due to their sales tactics. I have a few great trading systems now and still haven't had the time to master and study them fully. The more I get the less I focus on a few good system and get spread too thin. I just need to let off some steam on these guys.

I am sure they have some invaluable knowledge on their site, that would really be profitable. Hi all I'm also a Member of Traders Secret Library and would say it is a very good learning resource, although personally I've struggled to find the time.

Anyway overall, a good site that is worth the money if you spend the time. Take care all David. Well, I became a member when it opened up its membership again and have been going through it since that time. It's a little less user friendly than I expected, but it does have a wealth of information in it. I'm looking forward to learning as much as possible from its resources - there's just so much that it does get a little overwhelming. Colleen, As someone penalized for returning trash product purchases to clickbank, I'm not able to use Clickbank as the purchasing outlet.

I notice there is an alternative - 2checkout - but I seem unable to complete a purchase with this method. The problem arises that a requirement to fill in membership type exists but no membership choice is offered Do you have any infio on progressing this All the best, Mark. I'm not too sure about the Clickbank part of your post, I think you are saying you cannot use the links to sign up - try again and if no luck, contact support oldtreepublishing.

If you're trying to return something and having difficulty or what the issue is I understand from reading other posts in forums that Clickbank only works for so long, if you keep returning these wonder eas that just don't seem to work, they will limit the number of refunds you get Hope you can work this thing out; if you wish to become a member of The Trader's Secret Library to get access to The Surefire Trading Challenge manual trading systems, try the link above - I do know the Megadroid gurus and the Fapturbo gurus are also offering affiliate links to the same official link to The Trader's Secret Library that I have listed above September 01, , That is because I am banned for returning too many poor products over many years.

My problem therefore, is that there is no way of paying, regardless of which link I use to the Library site.

I am sure I'm not alone in being unable to pay by Clickbank and in this case that is the only method I'm aware of. I do see that Paypal is indirectly available but that is also via Clickbank so the same exclusion applies.

Hello Mark, I think we both are communicating well about that with our posts so we both understand what your dilemma is here My suggestion is to contact support at this email support oldtreepublishing. Another suggestion, if there is another family member or close friend willing to sign up as a member and give you the info you need to log in; this will alleviate the Clickbank history you have - just remember to pay your membership dues on time or their credit cards will be charged and you'll have family or friend ticked at you But again, for learning forex, this library has so much to offer and I recommend people try it even if only for a couple of months let's say The Torrent Trading System a 12 week course for basic traders , several other manual trading strategies, the forum to chat with other experienced traders and get info about the systems you're studying and just so much more Hope you can have a few other options to try to procure the membership that you would like Hi Colleen, Thanks for the tips - I have contacted Oldtree and the have offered Bank Wire as an alternative so I'll pursue that option.

Many thanks again for your help and hope to join the TSL soon. Hello Mark, Glad you were able to find an alternative way to sign up December 15, , Wall Street Forex Robot by donbon2 [ Today at Best Scalper by donbon2 [ Today at Wall Street Forex Robot by donbon2 [ Yesterday at Wall Street Forex Robot by wallstreet.

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