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Pursuing Happiness in the Age of Reason. The End of the Vikings. The Renaissance World of Cervantes and Shakespeare. Renaissance Music from England and Spain. Shira Kammen directs Gallimaufry, the new chamber chorus, performing music from the time of Cervantes and Shakespeare, including settings of their texts.

What was the Roman Republic Really Like? Michael Stehr on Gian Lorenzo Bernini: Patricia Lundberg on Aphra Behn: Phoenix of Restoration London, February Kerrin Meis on Romaine Brooks: American Expatriate Genius, October Cultural Reverberations Across Europe.

Many of these books are available at local bookstores including Books Inc and Keplers , or at your local library. The Hare with the Amber Eyes: Available in Kindle edition. Audiobooks About World War I. Among the books he recommends are:. The War that Ended Peace: The Road to Read by Richard Burnip.

The Pity of War: Explaining World War I. Read by Graeme Malcolm. Read by Steve Coulter. To End All Wars: A Story of Loyalty and Rebellion, Available in Kindle Edition. Twilight of the Belle Epoque: Paris and the Spirit of Consumer Struggles, Transnationalism, and Revolution. Arms and the Man. Hotel Modern and the miniature war http: UC Berkeley archive list of films http: Rome in the Late Republic: Problems and Interpretations 2.

The Beginnings of Rome: The Cambridge Companion to the Roman Republic. The Making of the Roman Army: From Republic to Empire , Norman, Okla.: University of Oklahoma, A most dangerous book.

Humanities West Book Discussion Selection. Time and Narrative in Ancient Historiography: The Dawn of the Roman Empire: Books Oxford World Classics Editor: Virtus and the Roman Republic , Cambridge: Rome, the Greek World, and the East: University of North Carolina, Casina Full Text at http: The Father of Western Europe.

The best scholarship on Charlemagne and the Carolingians is very difficult, while the most enjoyable is simply not very good. Luckily, the primary sources are fun, easy to read, and readily available. A good start is Thomas F. One of the most interesting collections of translated sources is a little harder to find: The Reign of Charlemagne: Documents on Carolingian Government and Administration , ed.

Loyn and John Percival Edward Arnold, Empire and Society , ed. Joanna Story Manchester University Press, The Carolingians and After. RSVP essential, space is very limited: On February 4, The Two Lives of Charlemagne ; one c. One account was penned by the French, medieval biographer, Einhard, who in joined the royal court to serve as an epic poet, grammarian, mathematician and architect, and ultimately a confidante to the King.

This monk, a native-German speaker, wrote the volume at the request of Charles the Fat, great-grandson of Charlemagne. On March 4, Available in paperback or online. Segments are available in annotated editions by other translators as PDF documents here and here.

In the year A. On the 15th of August, while his army was marching through the passes of the Pyrenees, his rear — guard was attacked and annihilated by the Basque inhabitants of the mountains, in the valley of Roncesvaux. About this disaster many popular songs, it is supposed, soon sprang up; and the chief hero whom they celebrated was Hrodland, Count of the Marches of Brittany.

There are indications that the earliest of these songs arose among the Breton followers of Hrodland or Roland; but they spread to Maine, to Anjou, to Normandy, until the theme became national. Charlemagne, who was a man of thirty-six at the time of the actual Roncesvaux incident, has become in the poem an old man with a flowing white beard, credited with endless conquests; the Basques have disappeared, and the Saracens have taken their place; the defeat is accounted for by the invention of the treachery of Ganelon; the expedition of has become a campaign of seven years; Roland is made the nephew of Charlemagne, leader of the twelve peers, and is provided with a faithful friend Oliver, and betrothed, Alda.

It is not possible to reproduce effectively this device in English, and the author of the present translation has adopted what is perhaps the nearest equivalent — the romantic measure of Coleridge and Scott.

Verdi with a Vengeance. A very readable handy guide to all the operas. De Van, Gilles trans. Creating Drama Through Music. University of Chicago Press, Verdi in the Age of Italian Romanticism. Cambridge University Press, Verdi at the Golden Gate: University of California Press, Verdi in America, Oberto through Rigoletto. University of Rochester Press, Ward and Downey, Available online at http: Music and Gesture in Nineteenth-Century Opera. University of California Press, forthcoming Letters of Giuseppe Verdi.

Verdi, a Documentary Study: Compiled, Edited and Translated by William Weaver. Thames and Hudson, Stanford University list of Verdi operas, premiere locations and dates , etc. Free Scores by Verdi. Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco. Constantinople and the Byzantine Millennium. Church and Society in Late Byzantium.

Medieval Institute Publications,


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