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Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer

Instantcash. Instant Cash provides a state-of-the-art electronic money transfer system that employs leading edge Internet-based technology. Based in Dubai,UAE,Instant Cash has a worldwide network of more than 95 countries and , agent locations!! We understand the hard work that you put into making your loved ones lives.


Customers feel comfortable with us because because we pay attention to things in their life and and their financial needs. We treat them like they are friends and not just another customer.

When they enter the door we acknowledge them and if we have a customers we invite them to take a seat and will be right with them. We pay attention to customers work schedule and will generally work with them when setting due dates to make paying advances more convenient. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not try to push the customers into taking out the maximum loan that we can give to them.

Unlike other companies we keep limits low so they are able to pay off their loan and still have money left over for the month. By doing this the customer does not get stuck having to continuously taking out new loans over and over again. By watching advance-able limits it shows that we care about our customers and their financial well being.. Instant cash advance is generally well staffed and our wait time is usually less than our competitors. Since we all have a fast paced lifestyle our customers love the fact that they are in and out of our stores.

Even though we pride our selves on quick and easy service we always provide excellent customer service to matter what the situation. When we have customers who, at times have a short wait, they still say it was a shorter wait than the store down the road. Even with a wait we offer a comfortable waiting area for them and at selected stores we have TV for them to watch.

Instant Cash Advance has provided assistance when I really needed it. In emergency cases of need I have received funds to pay housing costs and transportation related costs. Without the funds available to me through Instant Cash Advance, I possibly would not have a place to live in Michigan where I work, or a car with gas and insurance to get to work. I have enjoyed the business and friendly relationship with Instant Cash Advance personnel.

Instant Cash Advance offers me an easy way out. They know me and all about me. They smile and laugh with me. I will not go anywhere else. It is nice to know that you offer this service in our area. It helps to know people care about assisting you through the hard times. Your employees are very personable and do not make you feel insignificant because you are going through a rough time. Safe, simple and quick payday loans when you're in a pinch. Because life doesn't happen on payday.

Why People Choose Instant Cash. Helping residents of Michigan one payday advance at a time.


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