Pinky takes over the world. Try to take over the world." Theme song: "They're Pinky and the Brain.. One is a genius, the other's insane." Quote often misattributed to Einstein: "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." Ergo Brain is the one who is insane. Pinky is the genius.

Pinky takes over the world

pinky and the brain take over the world

Pinky takes over the world. In fact, they do take over the world, by measure of being the only ones left. In It's Only A Paper World, when Brain is running short on fresh ideas, he comes up with a plan to create a scale-model replica of the world, using Paper Mache and Chia Grass. To convince people to move to this new world, leaving.

Pinky takes over the world

Brain's often stated goal was to take over the Earth. Did he ever achieve this in the series, even for a very brief period of time?

To convince people to move to this new world, leaving the original unoccupied and open for takeover, he offers them free T-shirts. This plan actually works, and everyone moves to Chia World, leaving Pinky and The Brain technically the rulers of the original world, by dint of no one else being there. It ends when, irony of all ironies, the original world is completely destroyed by a meteor, forcing Pinky and The Brian to retreat to their duplicate Chia World, upon which their new world conquest plans take place.

It was a rather silly episode, but we DO get to see a few things The Brain would do if he took over, albiet with no one around to actually rule over besides Pinky. There's also an episode of Freakazoid! Probably the closest that Brain got to taking over the world was when he became country music superstar Bubba Bo Bob Brain. His hit song, "King of the World," featured Subliminal Mind Control that encouraged people to buy the record and listen to it repeatedly.

His live television special from the Grand Ole Opry was televised worldwide. He did succeed in hypnotizing the entire world; however, when it came time to issue his orders, he tells Pinky, who could never remember the name Bubba Bo Bob Brain, to "forget my name, and while you're at it, forget you ever knew me!

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And even then, it's a tight race. In fact, they do take over the world, by measure of being the only ones left. Ending of episode below: Ben Miller 1, 10 Waite Jul 11 '14 at Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password.

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