Spgm forex factory. I wear a Scorpion Exo currently, but my next helmet will likely be this one: AFX FX DS I appears to have the room I need for my big face. . The stock windshield on the Star from the factory had the wrong angle, I have angled it back, its better but as I said its not as good as the 30 year old CX.

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What helmet do you wear? What helmet brand do you wear? I snagged most of this list from the motorcycle superstore website so it may be possible that some people don't even use certain brands.

I wear a cheap flat black tiny beanie novelty bucket. The shop I go to hooked me up with a DOT sticker But, when I make my way across one of the bridges to Pennsylvania or Delaware, I rip that thing off my head as fast as possible. General Discussion Started by Blindstitch at 7: Topic has 56 replies. Blindstitch Joined on Greenfield Wisconsin Posts 9, Full face via the flip up chin piece I might add.

I have a Zeus w in silver, like this one: So far, the silver one is cooler as expected, but I don't think the large scoops are much help. I can say the damn large top vents make the helmet have more wind noise now and keep the "chin" from raising up as far as my first one did.

Not bad enough to have me buy a new helmet early, but I will be looking for a different vent system. I do like my Zeus helmet very much.

But if you are looking for a good cheap modular helmet, I can recommend a Zeus w It is comfortable, but assuredly, not the best. Two of the helmets came with my bike when I bought it 7 yrs ago. I have no idea where the small one is. Yes, the knit cap goes on my head first. Joel in the Couve May the multitude of wheels in your head always control the two wheels between your legs. I have a Vega Summit II modular helmet in flat black. Good fit for me. I hate those things. Nice helmet, I don't find it noisy and its comfortable.

Can't wait to wear it again. Do or do not do. It's pretty neat with a removable chin bar, built in sunglasses, stereo bluetooth and flight helmet-esque looks. The place I buy my gear at is dumping them at half of msrp, got it for The SparX is one of the very best inexpensive helmets you can get. Good airflow, good noise levels, plus it's got a free crash replacement policy. They've got the ability to morph and to even up the score.

No one can ever take them down the power lies on their siiiide. Ask an alcoholic why he drinks. I wear the HJC Paradox: Plus it wasn't too expensive. Now that I know I ride more I might get something a little higher end one day, but this is good for now. Mike CX Custom My first bike and loving it! Shep Joined on UK. Just remembered why I stopped wearing my,"Open Face". Forgot my neck snood that I can pull up over my mouth and on my lovely country back roads mass bug attack!!!!

Ronster Joined on Western Mass Own one of these I may give it to my son and get a Scorpion Exo half helmet. Its made in China and it shows. Scorpion is made in China, too, but the quality is pretty good, especially for the price. I ride a 83 GLI Posts Deermagnet Joined on Michigan Posts Re: HJC FS black with retractable sun shield. Right now I have an AGV. Before that I had a Caberg that I picked up in England. Before that I had a Simpson. Before that I had a Bell. Before that I had another Bell.

I just picked up a Shark S It fits great, very very light and has the flip down inner tinted visor. Got my new helmet today. I may paint the silver parts jet black but I guess I will just wait and see. You probably attempted to add something to your post - like the link - or a quote - and Internet explorer just doesn't play well.

The bike is gone, but the helmet is still good. Not the lightest, not the quietest, not the coolest, but I smile wide when the bugs bounce off the helmet instead of burying themselves in my beard!

Full Face Shoei, currently RF, looking to upgrade soon. My traditional black lid will no longer be purchased, I'm going either yellow or orange next round. Oldest to newest Newest to oldest. And of course somewhere in the mess I forgot mine.

Silverado 6x6 Joined on Wasilla, Alaska Posts The faceplate doesn't want to stay down in a good wind though, I hate it. But I bought a new Hawk modular a couple of days ago cause I wear glasses. It should be at the Post Office any time soon, for my morning commute I have to have something for the cold, its still near freezing in the morning up here, and usually is all summer some years.

Silverado, sounds like you need a set of the winshield extensions. Any interest in them? I have a shoe RF from 10 yrs ago.

Was thinking of getting a leftover RF, but decided on a new faceshield for now. I wear a Scorpion Exo currently, but my next helmet will likely be this one: I can kiss the shell in my Scorpion. In my driveway a GlI, Nova. I replaced the visor this spring I think I need to put the old one back on to see if it's less noisy or not. I wear ear plugs, but the wind is still really loud. Maybe I just need to slow down?

There is no try - Yoda. Fulmer Modus full-face,flip up for me. Not the greatest and there is some wind noise, but it protects my poor old bone head. I have a Z1R Eclipse shadow modular helmet http: Simple all silver with small logo HJC Kevlar as my main helmet, have two others but they're at work, I use them if I take on a passenger for a lunch run. Of course I still haven't ridden yet this season, looks like it will be 2 - 3 weeks longer until I'm strong enough from all my cancer treatments before I can "un-winterize" the bike and get a few hours in.

After that I desperately want to get the factory exhaust back on, the fork seals changed along with putting back the stock headlight and doing the SHep method on the weepy seal - then and only then will I feel confident enough to get the tank and side panels painted so there will be little change of them getting scratched.

As we are having exceptionally good weather over here I've dug and and been using my Cheap Open face with a peak similar to this. Mine is a Dark Silver color. Currently on sale at Cycle Gear http: I did get a light smoked face shield for it, and figured that I could also clip on the sunglasses that fit my prescription glasses if I needed more of that.

My Hawk modular came in the mail a couple of days ago, its a bit bulky but fairly light, a bit clunky and not very smooth operating the parts up and down, I may give it to my son and get a Scorpion Exo half helmet. Buying any replacement parts or different visors would be a problem, better to buy a well known trade name I am finding out. Used to have a Scorpion, until I wrecked. Now I have a KBC because it was on sale. Would rather have another Scorpion, the KBC doesn't play well with glasses.

But, it's a good helmet other than that. I LOVE the shield mechanism. Help me find it!


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