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Wealth academy forex forum

Wealth Academy Introductory Webinar Part 2 of 3 by Adam Khoo

Wealth academy forex forum. Wealth Academy Forex Hey everybody! Here's the next phase in Wealth Academy's expansion into the money markets THE Money Market tool: Wealth Academy Forex, with your coach, Yeo Keong Hee! Yeo Keong Hee * Make consistent profits of US$15, to US$20, a month from Forex Trading.

Wealth academy forex forum

HardwareZone Forum Insider on Facebook. I understand we can get alot of reading materials from books, online.. But isn't it gonna be better to have someone go through these investments stuffs directly with you and help you along the way as compared to just reading and thinking you understand what the book says..

Conrad Alvin is one of the trader that is working with Adam Khoo Wealth academy right? A while back, I saw one of Adam Khoo's book on trading probably co-authored with Conrad Whoever laid on a pile of books to be put back on shelf. I couldn't resist to pick it up as he advertises heavily on local newspapers. I can tell you that this guy and the co-author has no single bit of knowledge how markets operate and thus how the price moves.

His trading method is childish and based on hope that market trends his way. Don't waste your money on his courses in particular those teaching you how to trade. Ask him to have an audited performance report of at least 20 consecutive trades which he could not cheat. Dun waste your money and time. You are right, just reading books or surfing forums is just not going to cut it. The best way to learn in my opinion is to learn from someone already doing it.

Reading books is just to understand theory, what everyone is looking at and what does not work. Unfortunately many will proclaim to be "already doing it" but in fact are just selling snakeoil.

There is an entire industry thriving on it. It's better to know about the subject when you discuss with your mentors. No one like to spoonfeed you nor want someone who just blindly follows. All those above comments Sponsored Links Challenger and Hachi. Page 1 of 5. Hi Personally i've attended his WA programme in Oct 12 last year and I must it was one of the best investments made.

The initial outlay may be great but the returns are much more. PM me if you are interested in attending the course and I can share with you more details. Have you thought about the irony of it? Paying someone with money to teach you how to make money? That's paying a fisherman with fishes for him to teach you how to fish. That being said, it's still risk free money that's worth the time if it's scalable doing 1 session for a and not just for one student.

But good luck looking for the real mccoy, they are out there, a lot are recluse, but it's akin to sifting the chaff from the wheat. You will find what you want, if you want it bad enough.

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