Forexgridmaster v3 019. Cam Hawkins 19 mins. Latest content of a cap and trade system for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in bc and optionshouse stock fees! Ib broker forex indonesia, forexgridmaster v3. However, you can check out the Trading and Exchanges book on my Recommended Amberoptions Ernie Chan Trading Strategies on my.

Forexgridmaster v3 019

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Forexgridmaster v3 019. ForexGridMaster.v Expert Advisor Input Settings. The input Caution - Several settings in v now work differently than they did in FGM versions previous to v and any previous preset is set by GridStartTime and GridStopTime from to , then ForexGridMaster will trade from am thru the day until.

Forexgridmaster v3 019

Have you seen our live tests page? Please login or register. Home Forum Help Login Register. Rico Full Member Posts: Does anyone use it? The picture i see on the website looks like one that's out to grab any single EA traders dime. Though he can't speak from the picture, he's indirectly saying "I'm not smiling all". The website gets marks for not being flashy and show off.

He really pulls off the geeky science look. It's an interesting concept with plenty to mix and match your own strategy. There is a link on the website pointing to the manual so you can see FGMv5's capabilities, and I insert the same link here That's just one instance of FGM on the same account without the automatic hedging enabled. Going back further than 2 years shows amazing profits, but that is no longer realistic as the audnzd price action has changed. You can view what I mean about that here Happy New Year, James http: Looks very similar to Forex Benz which is far less expensive.

If you had the Forex Benz manual, then you could compare, otherwise it is just a wild guess. FGM is designed for traders to create their own strategies and or share or develop with others , and the number of strategies that is possible to create on FGM is virtually unlimited.

Also all FGM settings and what they do are transparent and available to the trader to configure as she wishes. This is not a black box system and I have put 8 solid years into its creation.

Is this the same EA in these links? Not doing so well? Possibly the same vendor, not too sure. Its still a lot of money to pay for a grid.

Theres even a few free ones out there which are not bad. Looking at the picture supplied by FGM of a chart, it seems to open positions each slightly wider than the last. January 04, , It's really strange that people still want to try Grid Strategies here. I thought community is much clever after a lot of others blew a lot of accounts. This is simple with this kind of strategies: But do You want to put a luck into risk calculations for Your wallet? I don't, it's a waste of time.

Thanks "forexprofit" for mentioning that trading results for my real account at IC Markets is not verified. It was before, but now I see I accidentally deleted the chart window with the myfxbook EA on it.

This will be corrected when market opens today. The devil is in the details. That is an experimental account and I was trading silver on it manually as well and had major losses.

I also switched audnzd strategies a couple times as it evolved. The account is still in profit and will be verified tonight. The two demo accounts represent much better what the new FGm v5 can do. I have put 8 solid years of work into it. The only other Grid Trader that I am aware of that can come close is Blessing 3 which is still free at http: Johno on January 04, , Wall Street Forex Robot by donbon2 [ Today at Best Scalper by donbon2 [ Today at Wall Street Forex Robot by donbon2 [ Yesterday at Wall Street Forex Robot by wallstreet.

Wall Street Forex Robot by mauricejac [ Yesterday at August 27, , Though he can't speak from the picture, he's indirectly saying "I'm not smiling all" Logged soulfire Full Member Posts: Most of them simply blow up your account within a month or 2 on default settings.

So it's not fair to compare something that works for days with something that blows up in Does this one have any edge on the market or is it purely mathematical? How does it compare with the truly powerfull EAs like Toms? Logged Please click the heart icon if I helped you. August 28, , Logged robl45 Hero Member Posts: January 03, , This one only 3 months history as compared to Forex Benz 1 year. January 05, , I just deleted the account in FXCopy.

It is no wheres near reflective of ForexGridMaster's capabilities. The big thing about ForexGridMaster that is so different from just about all other EAs is that is built to enable an unlimited number of strategies to be developed on it.

It is NOT a black box robot, quite the opposite, more like Linux is an open source operating system. Thanks for that reference, as it is someone who pirated my ForexGridMaster v3. It is also highly unlikely that it will work properly for any reasonable length of time as we have put in some surprises that are triggered during use of pirated copies.

I am open to exchange for strategy work for those who want it and cannot afford it and they have good experience working with EAs and Strategy Tester. Take a look at the manual The number can be set as pips or fraction of pips points. Donna's Blog Analysing trades:


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