Knight capital markets forex. Although Knight Capital Markets is a relatively new forex broker, it has proven itself as being able to deliver what it promises. Traders can enjoy benefits such as true ECN spreads, direct access to interbank rates, ultra-fast execution of their orders on the industry proven MT4 platform. In addition, they can be assured of deep.

Knight capital markets forex

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Knight capital markets forex. Their "preferred broker" is Knight Capital Markets, a heretofore unheard of retail FX broker with a private WHOIS and a blocked history (RED FLAGS #9, #10, and #11). As you already observed, this is a cheap attempt to mooch off of the Knight Capital Group prominent FX brand/ results from

Knight capital markets forex

Discussion in ' Has anyone heard of? This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Oct 15, Messages: Since this thread started out more as a question than an accusation, it is being moved to the Has Anyone Heard Of? I was emailed by a fund called Fortress Fund.

Below is a link to their myfxbook. How ever they request you use a company called Knight capital markets www. I have been researching into this company and have had a lengthy text conversation with them in which they could not answer a single question regarding the full company name or origin. Its more then likely a Ponzi scheme or just a black hole for you funds.

The site has possible Chinese origins. If any one has any information to correct me please post. Oct 3, Messages: Contact Us claims they are in Finland, but there's no postal address. Aug 18, Messages: Knight Capital has been around for several years and I highly doubt is any type of scam. I have a small account here from too I was using with an EA a friend developed. Never had any problems with this broker for me. No not "Knight Capital" but "Knight Capital Marktets" they prob intentionally used the same name for this very confusion.

The owner is Ethan Cooper and if you google the name you will find previous emails online regarding him running a swiss fund and wanting funding from a couple of months back. According to what I can find, knightcapitalmarkets.

It was nothing but a parking page in April Mar 3, Messages: I looked also at myfxbook and their website But their website is made augustus And registered on a private name in Arizona USA.

Schermafbeelding om Anyone know a reliable Forex funds with good results? If anyone does recommend a company, this will permanently tie the recommended company's name to a complaint about another company. If your account is older than mid, then how could you have accessed knightcapitalmarkets.

The website wasn't up before that. May 9, Messages: Review Moderation Team Note: Please don't mention uninvolved companies in threads in the Scam Alerts folder. You must log in or sign up to post here. Share This Page Tweet. Fortress Fund and Knight FelixU posted Dec 23, OctaFX posted Dec 4, SvenT posted Dec 2, Setty Vas posted Nov 29, Administrator posted Oct 4, Omy76 Nov 24, Vintage point can i trust it Tjovman , Nov 16, Tjovman Nov 16, Emma07 Oct 27, Sive Morten Dec 1, at 5: Sive Morten Nov 24, Sive Morten Nov 17, Sive Morten Nov 10, Andrew Mitchem Nov 7, Andrew Mitchem Nov 14, Andrew Mitchem Nov 23, AvaTrade Dec 3, at 4: Stern Options took my relative's life savings HeinzelmanDak , Oct 16, MohdAbdullah Dec 2, at 9: Bollebeertje Dec 2, at 7: A confession — why I was loosing for 10 years pro4Xtrader , Jun 9, Qasim waqar Dec 2, at 1: How long did it take you to go from demo to live?

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