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Lex van dam worth

Million Dollar Traders, Episode 1 of 3: "Make Me a Trader" - Anton Kreil - Lex Van Dam - BBC

Lex van dam worth. Learn from the best. Learn how to trade FX, stocks and commodities and technical strategies in one comprehensive course with hedge fund manager Lex van Dam. Learn more.

Lex van dam worth

We asked Lex Van Dam some questions. This is what he said. How did you start your trading career? I did an internship with Goldman Sachs during my econometrics. I did an internship with Goldman Sachs during my econometrics degree and that was my first real contact with the world of finance. I never knew there even was a job as cool as trading the markets.

Working for a bank is the best choice: It takes time, effort and commitment to learn how to trade, and that is why it is best to have a job while you are learning. The market will be around forever, make sure put yourself into the best position possible before you enter it for real. I look at mental toughness — motivation, self-confidence, focus, composure and resilience. Yes, did it for five years at GS. Best job in the world, teaches you everything about price discovery and supply and demand as opposed to theoretical blabla.

They felt there was a good fit and it would teach me new skills. I agreed and it turned out like that. The trading academy is not my main job, the hedge fund is. The trading academy is almost like a mission to me. I want to help people take care of their own financial future and demystify the world of finance. There is so much scam financial education out there. The teacher is normally someone who failed in the City, selling so-called secrets at exorbitant prices that turn out to be worth zero.

In Million Dollar Traders I put my money where my mouth is, so hopefully I have a certain credibility. Anyone I know who moved to Switzerland hates it.

Even the Swiss hate it, as it is so boring. That is why I developed 5-Step-Trading R. It is an online course that teaches people more in three hours than any other course out there.

On a last note trading is about being street smart as much as anything else, so make sure you listen to the right people and get the right mentors.

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