One touch knockout. Touchless knockout or no-touch knockout is a supposed technique claimed by some people, by which a person can be rendered unconscious solely by application of qi, kiai or similar methods, without making physical contact. This differs from pressure point techniques which involve light or slight contact to specific areas of.

One touch knockout

1 Touch Knockouts

One touch knockout. Boise, ID - Jon Gannon (my Nephew), 2nd Degree Blackbelt, participating in a One TOUCH Knockout.

One touch knockout

This is the second part of 1 Touch Knockouts vs Fa Jing. A 1 Touch Knockout can also be accomplished by using Peng Jing so that the recipient feels like they have ran into a large solid timber post buried deep into the ground that will not budge hence they have ran into the connected body weight plus the ground energy behind it.

It feels like running into a pole sticking out of the wall that does not move when you make impact with it and is very devastating to the recipient. This is partially due to the unexpected nature of the running into an immovable object quality of the contact. Condensing, Coiling, and Springy Jings can be used to simulate the same effect as suddenly slamming on the brakes in a car which stops the car but also causes the car frame to jump forward on the shocks.

If a person is struck in the chest like this the result can be a collapsed lung or other serious injury. Most people think they are seeing Fa Jing when they see a basic example of Condensing, Coiling or springy jing.

Also, this way of striking is commonly taught as one of the beginner Fa Jing methods of striking because the result are quite impressive and relatively simple to learn. However, when you learn real higher level Fa Jing you realize that although this method is powerful and can be used in conjunction with Fa Jing it in itself is not really Fa Jing.

If you Fa Jing while doing this then the result is going to tend to be more of a sharp breaking action. For example if I touch a specific point on the jaw line with Condensing, Coiling or Springy Jing then it will most likely knock the person out. If I add Fa Jing to the other jings in the same spot at the same time then it may indeed knock them out but it will almost certainly break the jaw at the point of contact.

Fa Jing is much more than just 1 Touch Knockouts because Fa Jing energy can be applied in other ways than just to achieve a knockout. For example it can be used to toss the recipient across the room or to achieve a specific break. I hope that this helps to clarify the issue. Please post any questions you may have and we will answer here in the blog.

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