One trade per day. Once triggered we stay in until 1 of 3 criteria is met. Our Stop is hit. Our Target is hit. The close of the day without our SL or TP being hit. An example of 2 trades are shown below. A few notes. No indicators are used to asses trend OB OS etc etc. This is % mechanical. We trade just once a day per spot.

One trade per day

One Trade Per Day Is All You Need

One trade per day. Back testing all of my various strategies that we trade in my chat room I realized that if I simply restricted my trades to just one trade per day for each strategy and traded only the highest probability currency pairs, my win ratio would literally skyrocket to 90%. I would be able to double and some cases triple.

One trade per day

I would like some help on a question: If there is , what is the strategy? I intend to make only one trade per day. This book will help you hugely: The odds are very low, but it's possible.

You'd basically need to make about 0. Don't force yourself to make "one trade per day. Yet, if you scalp or are a intra-day trader by all means do that, but be careful eventually spreads and the market will catch up to you unless you have some sort of strong edge in your strategy. Being eager to make a certain number of trades per day will result in poor risk management. All trades are different , trades may have many reasons to be made and there are numerous strategies.

There may be no good trades to make some days that fit your risk tolerance or even your strategy for trading. You fail to realize you can hold a position for more than one day and continue to profit off of it. If you're afraid of pullbacks or for the trade to go against you in the end what you can do is if the trade is going your way take partial profits at the point that will allow you to break even where and if the trade ends up going against you and hitting your stop loss.

Now you'll at least be broken even. Lol this is basically number 2 again No one trade is exactly alike, maybe the trade fits your strategy criteria, but each trade can range from being slightly or drastically different from one another, based off several different factors.

This means you'll be profiting different amounts from almost every single trade you make, because the market doesn't offer the exact. Not to mention you'll have losing trades some days as well as losing days. This may in the end lead you to losses.

Which will potentially cause a cycle of over leveraging to make back losses through more impatient trades to make those losses back as fast as possible, which in the end leads to more losses and a disappearance of your trading life and equity. Free Forex Trading Systems. The simple answer is yes. But here's why not to do it. I'd argue that it's much more about luck when talking about any single trade. Plus the use of lots of leverage!


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