Protective options strategies married puts and collar spreads. Protective Options Strategies: Married Puts and Collar Spreads by Ernie Zerenner; Michael Chupka at - ISBN

Protective options strategies married puts and collar spreads


Protective options strategies married puts and collar spreads. Married Put or Collar trading strategy big picture 1. buy stock and just Also you lock in upside profits by ratcheting up your protection as the . a credit/debit spread (and leave the long/short options alone) to adjust etc etc.

Protective options strategies married puts and collar spreads

Readers will learn in-depth methods to using married puts and collar spreads, both of which can be used to protect your stock investments while preserving capital using easy-to-learn and easy-to-implement options trades.

Precise techniques, strategies, and concepts are delivered throughout the book, illustrated with charts and real world examples. This practical and easy-to-follow book is a must-read for those who are looking to increase profits by decreasing risk in their stock portfolios.

How many stock positions have you entered after meticulous analysis only to have the stock move in the opposite direction that you anticipated? It has happened to every trader the stock that got away. Now you can prevent it from happening again. The secret to minimizing your risk and meeting your goals is the use of protective strategies you will find in this easy-to-use guide.

Using married puts and collar spreads, you will learn how to profit from growth stocks in an expanding market while at the same time limit the potential loss of capital from an unforeseen drop in the price of the stock. Both strategies allow investors to protect their investments and preserve hard-earned capital using simple options trades.

This practical guidebook, rich with illustrations and clear, real world examples, gives helps you: If you are looking for a way to control and reduce risk in your stock portfolio this book is a must read. Start reading now to unlock the power of these strategies to protect your investments and generate income. Married Puts and Collar Spreads. Customers who bought this product also bought. The Home Study Kit. Four Insider Secrets of Trading Video. Profit with Puts Webinar Video. RadioActive Trading 6 Video Bundle.

The Money Nets Video. Combining Income Methods Video. Income Methods Beginnings Video. Stop Losing at Spreads Trading Forever! Foundations of RadioActiveTrading Video. Out of Stock more on the way. Your Shopping Cart cart is empty. I got the protective strategies book and just completed reading it.

Wow that's really well written with examples. Ideas are solid and clearly explained. Last part of the book is geared towards his website. Sort of an advertisement. This is why 4 stars instead of 5. I would recommend the book to everyone. It explains how to protect and take income from both rising and falling stock. Instead of trying to project an outcome, you make adjustments to what the stock has already done.

The adjustments reduce your amount of gain when the stock goes up and reduce or eliminate losses when the stock goes down. End result is more control over your equity curve and good sleep. With the extreme market conditions, it is very important to protect your investments. An advantage of the collar is that the sold call helps pay for the protection. They also have a great book on Options Selling Naked Puts which helps generate income.


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