Rich mom business. Editorial Reviews. {B2B discounts, giveaways, freebies & tutorials for work at home moms, mompreneurs, mom entrepreneurs, wahm, sahm. Includes info. on how to start a home business or how to start an online business from home.}.

Rich mom business and Fruit Co

Rich mom business. my first course of action will be to figure out what constitutes my base product line. I have a mishmash of.

Rich mom business

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Sign in with Facebook. Sign in with Google. Take full advantage of our site features by enabling JavaScript. Questions This topic has been closed. Rich Mom Business University. Rich Mom Business University Add your response. Mandy Hardy from thebackstory Has anyone used it? I'm thinking of trying it, but it is pretty much out of my reach price wise right now. I really want to light a fire under me though. I'd like to hear what you thought, if you have used this by renae christine.

Kimberlee from GracefullyGirly Is it based on or similar to Rich Dad, Poor Dad? A LOT is said but nothing of any importance. It is a crazy waste of time.

I just can't following the advice of a "rich mom" screaming into the camera, always rambling or eating cheese wiz and sitting on a floor in her closet making the videos. I might be willing to get past it if there was a shred of helpful or decent info. None of the people in the videos have anything useful to say. It sounds like they've copied all the main points from other actual useful sites but they don't actually go into HOW to do any of it successfully.

I have to ask, if she's successfully started 6 businesses before she's out of her 30's and she actually IS successful, why is her studio the floor of her bedroom closet?

Amanda Maltz from AmandasDesignDecals 5: Mandy, I am a member of Renea's University! I found her on Youtube a few months back when I was looking to really get my Etsy numbers up. Finding her was the best decision I ever made for my business, hands down! I followed all of her Youtube instructions, I read her book, joined her Pinterest board, and joined the forum. I had so many orders after following her program that I literally had to shut down about the second week of December because I had more orders than materials, and I couldn't get more quick enough!

I love her videos, and she thoroughly explains things I never really knew about like SEO in depth. I read many business books before finding her and nothing else worked for me. The books I read were filled with the same information, over and over again, and lead me down a bunch of dead ends. Personally, I love her videos!

I love that she films them in her home, it makes it feel like you can really relate to her. Plus, she's absolutely hilarious! She keeps the viewer interested while cramming your brain with some of the best business advice ever!

You cannot get bored while watching her videos. And let's face it, business advice can get pretty boring. I was fighting to stay awake during most of the other videos and books. Renea pulls you in immediately and doesn't waste time with useless information, she gets right to the nitty gritty!

She really does make you feel like a friend, and calls all of her forum members her besties and honestly, you really feel like she is your friend!

Any questions you ever have, she is right there to answer for you. She's honest, open, and really cares about her customers and helping businesses grow. She is not there just to sell a book, she's there to share how she got to the top, and how she can help YOU get there as well. Without Renae, my shop wouldn't have succeeded on it's own. I am forever grateful to her, and I'm absolutely proud to be part of her bestie community! TheGiftMaker from ConversationSoap 5: You have her name spelled two different ways.

What's her full name? I don't see her when I Google Renea University,. What a nice endorsement. I will check it out Amanda Maltz from AmandasDesignDecals 7: My coffee hasn't hit my system yet! Plus you get to meet other people who are in the small business world too, and I've loved getting to know them.

We talk business and bounce ideas off of each other. The community is fun and I've learned so much! Living With Vintage 5: If I had the funds to spend on a program like this, I wouldn't.

Instead, I would spend the money on one of the online courses which teach that Teaching Sells and how you can do it. Betcha Rich Mom took one of them. Rich Mom is only getting rich selling her programs to people that will buy them. Deborah from TinTeddy 5: I looked at the website and was immediately turned right off. First there is the name - why do "moms" need special sites, why can't they just be "normal" business people using the same sites that dare I say it men use?

Secondly - it is a very old school type of page, much abused by dodgy PD eBook sellers etc. It has been a long time since I saw one of those cookie-cutter pages in action - for a good reason. That is a massive turn off.

And it has all the usual tricks. The crossed out price, the free extras, the fake pictures of things that are actually digital, the "signature", not a great way to show you are up to date with modern marketing styles, heh.

Thirdly - you can't see any of the actual site without joining. All you can see is that horrible long hard-sell page. Sorry, but seriously not impressed: Living With Vintage 6: And within all the long list of "available freebies" I didn't see one single thing that isn't already out there on the internet for free if one just takes the time to look. Renae Christine from RichMomBusiness 6: What a loving bunch in here.

Any real questions I can answer for anyone? I think we get it. I think it is great that you are helping women grow their businesses. I went to business school.

You can always keep learning. I actually started it out of absolute anger toward all the articles and books for mompreneurs telling moms to "make a schedule" or "set goals. These women need a solid business plan and some mad SEO skillz. Inactive Etsy Member 6: Hmmm it quite possibly could be. Great shop by the way Jacqueline, off to check out your goods Inactive Etsy Member 7:


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