Youtube forex channels. First of all, try not to be dependent on the single source of information. You must search for other sources too, like web articles, books and seminars, etc. in order to get exact idea about the Forex For matter relating to YouTube, you can check this channel which frequently uploads educational seminars for free.

Youtube forex channels

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Youtube forex channels. Next is the WinnersEdgeTrading YouTube channel. This channel mostly focuses on forex swing trading and longer-term forex trading. There is still a lot of information for the day trader though, including videos on trading psychology (psychology is very important!) and basic trading strategies that are.

Youtube forex channels

News articles and trades ideas should be posted with your analysis or a question. Post an article, or link to multiple articles with your analysis in it.

Also, concerning your analysis, see The following should go without saying There is a thin line between promoting a product and service and SPAM. Links to external services, especially if they are selling a product such as signals services or binary options will be excised with haste. Want to post a trade? Users posting empty trades will find them removed. We want analysis and reasons. There are a plethora of subs devoted to the various cryptocurrencies in existence, a simple Reddit search will lead you to them.

This sub deals with recognized currencies tied to existing nations and Governments. Memes are occasionally funny, but we do not want them here during trading hours. Inherently, post memes only on weekends. Any Forex live trade youtube channels? If you're keen you can check out https: I can definitly recommend watching his stuff on trend following and other trading related stuff!

Class act all the way! From the weekly perspective, you can look at gold, dax and bund. They're trending nicely right now. There's a guy called Keyser Soze. He's from Staten Island and says things very simply albeit with a lot of swearing and hating on gurus.

Go to YouTube and search wallstreet2easystreet and you'll find lots of videos that are just what you're looking for but you can see you live trades and how to trade Forex but no sales gimmick's or any selling of any kind. Forex Live has been doing a lot more live streams.

Right now they don't have a set stream schedule. You kinda have to catch when they are going live when they announce it on their site. Well, you get , results if you search for "live fx trading" on youtube It's mixed between people selling stuff and other people. I'd recommend going though it and judging for yourself what is good and not good. He has a playlist of live trades and does a lot of other education type of vids. I also like informedtrades.

To be honest, most of the ones I follow are trying to sell a course. I used to avoid those guys, but in recent months I think I've learned more from them than anybody else peviously. Make money with small investment https: Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. No empty news articles or analysis News articles and trades ideas should be posted with your analysis or a question. Also, concerning your analysis, see 2: Keep It Professional No insults or attacks of any kind.

Abusive posters will be banned. Posting Trades Want to post a trade? Memes Memes are occasionally funny, but we do not want them here during trading hours. This is an archived post. You won't be able to vote or comment. Forex submitted 2 years ago by dingerang. Want to add to the discussion? I cover trade setups, trade review, psychology and much more. Everything is free and nothing is on sale, so don't worry about it. Did not know you posted here. Yeah i just came onboard here and found a trading community down here.

Thank you for your kind words buddy: Still trying to find a good trend. Great work, thank you for your insight and commentary.


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