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Federico sellitti forex converter

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Federico sellitti forex converter

Welcome to the world of "How Do We Love? We visited the tribes of ancient Italy, witnessed the immigration of Italians into America, and took a special tour through the challenges and charms of being Italian in modern America. Why are so many aspects of the Italian culture so prevalent in the United States and around the world?

You may be surprised to learn that while the majority of Italian citizens can be found in Italy, the majority of people reporting Italian heritage are not living in Italy. The countries with the largest percentage of Italian citizens and national citizens with Italian heritage include:.

And if we look for it, we can see it everywhere. In our past blogs we talked about the presence of Italian culture in movies, music and especially food. But what if its not enough? What if you want more Italy in your life? The easiest way to have more Italy in your life is to eat, drink, and be merry, Italian style!

This one can be as simple as heading out to your favorite local Italian restaurant for anything from a simple plate of linguini to a more elaborate kitchen preparation like a baked lasagna or a porcini risotto.

Louis, or Philly, most neighborhoods have a huge selection of Italian restaurants offering a variety of Italian cuisines for all kinds of Italian budgets!

Ever tried Osteria Natalina http: Why not plan an entire festa around your meal? Make it easy on yourself and order in from your favorite, local Italian restaurant! We have the perfect playlist! Italy produces the largest volume of wine in the world France is second.

Because of this fact you will probably have a large selection of Italian wines from which to choose. Another helpful Italian wine selection hint? You will be shocked [again, not exaggerating] at how common counterfeit Italian olive oil is, and how prevalent is its presence in the world market [ www. If you desire olive oil from other countries of origin, that is great— I personally love trying new types of Spanish and Greek olives and olive oil- but if I believe I am buying olive oil from one country of origin, then I want the oil I buy to actually be from the country that is advertised on the front of the label— and I want it to be entirely made of olives!

The bottle art is lovely and the pink color is beautiful not that you can see the shade, however, as I drank the bottle before it occurred to me to photograph it. Other than those vine-tastic hints from me and Wikipedia, you are on your own with the Italian night wine purchase! Have fun and make buying and drinking the bottle an experience in and of itself. The Quintessentially Italian Movie: Obviously this is a matter of taste and preference, and this list reflects my bias in both.

Here are my favorites that I think will make for a great Italian theme night! There are a few movies that, although they are not my favorites, if you like Italian-themed film and characters, these are stereotypically Italian and definitely worth a watch!

While you are watching your classic Italian movie you can enjoy a classic Italian dessert, like Neapolitan ice cream, Cannoli or Tiramisu, followed by the customary after-dinner espresso to make sure you make it through the entire movie Italian films are renowned for being long!

Non te preoccupe , there are so many things you can do to bring more Italy into your life! Plus, you may learn a thing or three! A few that I like:. Read Italian Books — If you love reading, and you love Italy, be sure to look at this list from Goodreads. And Martha Bakerjian from GoItaly. Organize a Family Reunion — what better way to appreciate and reminisce about being an Italian American than with an Italian family reunion?

Imagine all the famiglia, the food, the photos, the wine, the music, the laughter, sharing old stories and memories and making new ones! Join an Italian-American Society — Italian American clubs represent a way to preserve the Italian American culture, traditions, memories, language and relationships between Italian Americans in the United States.

Plus, they usually hold all kinds of wonderful Italian-related events, from language classes to group travel to festivals and other social events. And according to USNews.

These statistics are not surprising, with all the beauty and diversity Italy has to offer. What are you waiting for? Italy is waiting for you! Become a dual citizen- Thanks to the Italian government and some helpful non-governmental and for-profit services, it is now easier than ever for Americans with Italian heritage to get their dual Italian citizenship.

Having dual citizenship will allow you to live, work and study in Italy and the E. You will need to know certain information, such as the birth dates and birthplaces of your Italian-born ancestors, and you will need to secure original birth and death certificates for them, you and everyone in-between websites like MyItalianFamily. There are costs associated with applying for dual Italian citizenship, and the status may also have tax implications, but if you are interested in the idea of having dual citizenship, then it is worth a look!

Move to Italy- This is, of course, a big step, but if you are truly in love with Italy and all things Italian, you may want to consider a life there! They bought and renovated a home in Calitri, Italy, sold everything in their hometown of Evergreen, Colorado, and now live in Italy full time. If you want to try out living in Italy, you can also try house or pet sitting.

We hope these ideas have given you some inspiration for a multitude of ways to bring more Italy into your life. But one of the best and most Italian ways to bring more Italy into your life is to make new friends.

If you thought you and your family were the only Italian-Americans out there, then meet a few new amici that have graciously shared with us their fondest memories of being Italian.

The thing I love most about being Italian is the warmth. There is a certain exuberance that comes along with being Italian…a zest for life! The most memorable thing for me about being from an Italian family is everyone talking over each other and all at once.

My favorite Italian comfort food? And Mimi made it so many different ways. I think the food is the Italian tradition we carry on in my family.

We are definitely Italian and have that Italian vibe but truly it is so mixed in with Cuban that it is funny to me. Mimi spoke Spanish and I was shocked to discover this.

She said it was from growing up in Ybor City. Her version of the Italian language was interesting…. Meet Lisa Marie Farniacci! When they first came to the U. The thing I love most about being Italian American is of course the food, but also the stories and Italian rituals.

My best memory of being from an Italian family has to be my grandmother cooking for weeks to get ready for the holidays. My favorite Italian comfort food was definitely eggplant parm! My grandmother also used to make homemade pizza, pasta and Easter pie. There are a few Italian traditions from my childhood that I still carry on today.

Saying grace before each meal is a big one, and so is making all the fish on Christmas eve, and on Christmas day, lasagna! Also, we still do christening celebrations, big birthday parties for the one-year-olds, and huge weddings where we invite everyone!

Mary Jill Barone I kept my maiden name when I got married….. The name you are born with is the one you die with! In the brothers stayed in New York City presumably for work , but when Salvatore came back with his family in they went to Ohio—first to Cincinnati where my grandfather was born and then to Cleveland where they stayed.

Interestingly, one brother Santo came to the U. Also, the youngest brother, Giovanni, returned to Italy for good. I have cousins in Reggio Emilia that I have recently been in touch with who are descendants of that brother.

Her father Carmelo had come years before in and then again later not sure the exact year to become a citizen and begin the time tolling for the residency requirement. By this time it was getting more difficult for immigrants from the south of Europe to enter the U. At that time, minor children were also naturalized at the same time as a parent so my grandmother was actually naturalized along with him.

What do I love the most about being Italian? In addition to the things that everyone loves about Italy the food, the architecture, the culture, etc. It totally blew me away and was so refreshing. We also had dinner with my grandparents every Sunday when they were in town they were snowbirds.

My grandmother was a really funny lady too and a great storyteller. I probably asked her to tell me about coming to America like times. I remember her joking that she was the only kindergartener with boobs and would sometimes have to wear the dunce cap which is pretty ironic, because she was incredibly smart….

What is my favorite Italian comfort food? Oh, there are so many…. She also made a dessert called ricotta pie that was one of my favorites. Her stuffed artichokes were stellar too. And there was always, always antipasti. I really have to hand it to my grandparents—they pretty much lived the American dream. His mother was left to raise 5 kids by herself one of whom also later died of the flu.

Despite such a rough start, my grandfather graduated from high school and went on to run a successful building supply business with his brother. He owned a home in Cleveland, put two sons through college and dental school, and was able to retire to Florida. I also have to hand it to him for being creative, too. Obviously, when he was a kid, money was tight…especially for leisure activities like the movies. Somehow he got his hands on a roll of movie tickets and was able to use them to go to the movies whenever he wanted!


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